Patrol Car Hits Man then Fines Him for Jaywalking

Patrol Car Hits Man then Fines Him for Jaywalking

It didn’t happen here in Vegas, yet, but a few states up & over in Washington, a police officer hit two people with his car who were crossing the street illegally (the “do not walk” sign was on). The officer will face no punishment AND the injured pair were each fined $112 and found at fault. The pair had been crossing the street in rainy weather at about 1 a.m. and did not see any cars approaching, according to Washington State Patrol spokesman Mark Francis. The man struck landed on the hood of the police car before rolling off. His leg and neck were injured. The woman was also struck and was bleeding from the head. The emergency lights were not activated on the police car during the incident. “Both of us were wrong. He should have seen us, and we shouldn’t have jaywalked,” Lauren Keenan, the injured woman, reported to The Bellingham Herald newspaper. “But we had to suffer pain, we had to suffer injuries, and we had to suffer loss of work.” Perhaps it is understandable that the officer did not receive punishment for this incident… but to fine & ticket the injured pair seems a bit much, doesn’t it? What Las Vegas Traffic Tickets do you have unpaid? A friendly reminder: all unpaid tickets can go into Warrant, and you can be arrested and put in jail at any time. Don’t live with the stress of unpaid tickets. Call the Las Vegas Ticket Attorney today at (702) 382=2000 for a free consultation. We offer “fix by phone”...

Motorcycle s Targeted

In a valiant effort to cut back on wrongful pedestrian deaths in Las Vegas, Metro Police have been aggressively targeting motorcycle drivers for a number of las vegas traffic tickets.. These include: speeding, illegal U-turns, and reckless driving. Metro is frustrated by the increase in motorcycle riders blatantly disrespecting police officers’ authority, so they have taken their ticketing powers to the next level, claiming their strict attitudes will help to save hundreds of pedestrian lives in Southern Nevada. Pedestrians using the city sidewalks, crosswalks, and even in parking lots have been suffering injuries due to careless motorcyclists in Las Vegas. Metro is working hard to put this to an end. Funny enough, it is rumored that Metro Officers use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to find out where motorcycle groups are congregating—then they are scouting out the area to ticket motorcyclists for popping wheelies, speeding, and other ticketable offenses. If you have received a ticket for reckless driving in las vegas, whether it was on a motorcycle or in a car, call the Law Office of Mark Coburn at (702) 382-2000 today to avoid costly fines, waiting in line at the Clark County Traffic Court, and to keep your record clean. We can handle your case over the phone, quickly and easily. We look forward to hearing from...

Undercover Cops Cracking Down on Jaywalkers

Undercover Cops Cracking Down on Jaywalkers Street wanderers beware. Metro officers are actively searching for jaywalkers at numerous busy intersections. If you cross the street outside of a crosswalk, or without adhering to the basic traffic/pedestrian laws, you could be targeted for a ticket and a fine. Last Thursday, Metro officers waited at Durango and Westcliff to get the message out regarding pedestrian safety. Why now? It’s back to school season. “I think the message is clear and hopefully it will carry on through the start of school where you will also see enforcement action taking place on the city roadways and streets,” Police Sergeant John Leon said. Metro is not just cracking down on the pedestrians themselves; according to Sgt. Leon, the largest problems are speeding and drivers who are not paying attention while behind the wheel. As part of the safety crackdown, Metro conducted 52 car stops and wrote 44 citations–35 of them for either failure to yield to a pedestrian or passing a vehicle stopped for a pedestrian. Metro will be holding many more of these operations around school zones after the school year begins. If you have been given a ticket for jaywalking, or if you were behind the wheel and received a Las Vegas ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian, or any other traffic violation, contact the Law Office of Mark Coburn today to have the charge removed from your record, so you do not receive points penalty, insurance rate hikes, or high fines from...

Las Vegas Pedestrians

More bad news from the streets of LV. Pedestrians are being killed by careless drivers more than ever in Southern Nevada. Recently, Dana Goudie, and her dear friend, Scott Buchard, were crossing the Las Vegas Strip when they were suddenly struck by a Honda Accord being driven by a 23-year-old male. Both pedestrians were killed. Shortly after that accident took place, yet another pedestrian was killed while taking a walk: 71-year old Robert Legesque. Mr. Legesque was pronounced dead in Henderson after a Jeep Commander driven by a 78 year-old-male struck him full force. It is reported that the driver had lost control of his SUV and began to drive on the sidewalk. If you’re a pedestrian (or bike rider) in Las Vegas, please take extra care to watch out for careless drivers who are not watching out for you. 2012 has been an especially dangerous year so far on Las Vegas roads and highways. And though the Las Vegas Regional Transit Commission is working hard to find solutions that will reduce the number of wrongful deaths in Las Vegas, it is you alone who is ultimately responsible for your own safety. Stay alert, stay aware, and stay safe. The same advice can be applied when you climb behind the wheel. Nothing is worth the regret, suffering, and severe consequences you will face if you kill another human being due to gross negligence when you’re behind the wheel. Stay within the posted speed limits, be mindful of crosswalks, and try to stay patient behind the wheel.   If you receive a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket or have questions regarding...

Las Vegas Cop Guilty Of Coercing Women Breasts

Las Vegas Cop Guilty of coercing women into showing their Breasts John Norman resigned from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department earlier this month after being charged with “oppression under the color of office” and “open or gross lewdness.” Former Las Vegas officer John Norman stopped females drivers while on duty and pressured them into exposing their breasts to him. He was also accused of fondling a woman after pulling her over for not having a license plate. The woman reported that Norman told her to pull into the back of a church parking lot so he could conduct some “tests”. The report said the woman told Norman she had a prior arrest for a Las Vegas DUIand that during the arrest marijuana was found. At that point, Norman asked to “physically search” her. After the woman contested, Norman told her he needed to search her bra, and he asked her to lift up her shirt and her bra. The woman obeyed, and according to the report, Norman then groped her and told her he was not going to cite her because of her cooperation. He let the woman go without performing a field sobriety test. Another similar incident occurred when Norman blocked a woman’s vehicle as it entered an apartment complex near Flamingo and Paradise. He told the driver he didn’t have a reason to stop her other than the fact that they were in a high-crime area. One of the women in the vehicle admitted that she had a Las Vegas Warrant for a Las Vegas Traffic Tickets, and Norman told her he was going to arrest...

DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoints It is reported that over this past Memorial Day weekend, 58 people were arrested for driving under the influence. This is in part due to the five DUI checkpoints established at key locations across the city, as well as the overall increased presence of Las Vegas Metro Police. The good news: because these intoxicated individuals were pulled over and arrested before they carelessly caused an accident, there were zero fatalities over the Memorial Day Holiday due to DUIs. Metro police stated that their DUI enforcement mission was the largest in the United States. At the five DUI checkpoints, over 15,000 vehicles were stopped and checked for intoxicated drivers! Metro also increased patrols in areas that have shown a significant amount of DUI offenses and other accidents in the past. In addition to the people arrested for DUIs, dozens Las Vegas Traffic Tickets were also issued based on other charges. If you received a Las Vegas DUI over Memorial Day weekend, do NOT accept any offer from the District Attorney before speaking to a qualified Las Vegas DUI Attorney. Call the Law Office of Mark Coburn today at (702) 382-2000 for a free consultation to review your case and discuss the best possible outcome for...

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