Former Miss Nevada Arrested Again

Former Miss Nevada Arrested Again

Former Miss Nevada, Katherine Rees, has been arrested once again. Rees and her boyfriend, Kevin “DJ Kulprit” Sims, were pulled over September first for a traffic stop, and quite a variety of drugs were discovered in the car. Miss Rees was arrested on five drug-related charges, including possession of methamphetamine. When Sims, who was driving, was pulled over by Metro, the officer noticed a smell like marijuana. After asking Sims if there were any drugs or weapons in the car, Sims hesitated which caused the officer to ask he and Rees to step outside of the vehicle. Police discovered on Sims a jar of GHB, a liquid date rape drug, a box containing unknown pills, and a bag that tested positive for cocaine and meth. They discovered on Katherine: rolling papers, smoking pipes, and a canister filled with marijuana, Xanax, Oxyontin and meth. Wow. The 31-year-old former beauty queen has had a rough road since being revoked of her crown back in 2006 after sexual photos of her surfaced online. Last July, she was charged with four felony counts for possession and distribution of meth....
Driving-Related Safety Laws Refresher: Cell Phones, Seat Belts, Etc.

Driving-Related Safety Laws Refresher: Cell Phones, Seat Belts, Etc.

As per the Nevada DMV website, here is a quick refresher on some of the major Driving-Related Safety Laws. Headlights Headlights must be used from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise, and whenever conditions make it impossible to see clearly at least 1,000 feet ahead.High beams should not be used within 500 feet of approaching traffic, or 300 feet of trailing traffic.Seat BeltsWith the exception of those under 6 years old, anyone riding in a motor vehicle must wear a safety belt, if the vehicle is required to have safety belts. Vehicles built in 1968 and newer must be equipped with lap belts. Vehicles manufactured in 1970 and newer must be equipped with lap belts and shoulder belts for the front seats. Child Car Seat Laws Children who are younger than six or weigh less than 60 pounds must ride in an approved safety restraint system. Children are generally safest riding in the back seat. In fact, with vehicles containing front seat passenger air bags, infants should always ride in the back seat. If you don’t properly restrain child passengers, you can be fined, forced to perform community service, and have your license suspended. Cell Phones and Texting Texting, accessing the Internet and hand-held cell phone use while driving are illegal throughout the state. Exceptions to this law include: Use of a hands-free headset Any person reporting a medical emergency, a safety hazard or criminal activity Drivers using a voice-operated navigation system affixed to the vehicle Drivers using citizen band or other two-way radios that require a license and have a separate, handheld microphone Utility workers...
What our Clients Say About Us…

What our Clients Say About Us…

At The Las Vegas Ticket Attorney Law Office, we’re proud of our hard work and customer service. We’d like to share with you what one of our clients recently posted on a social media outlet, as well as sent to our website. Thank you, Krista, for your feedback! * Awesome place to take care of traffic tickets. I’m so happy I found Mark Coburn’s LV Ticket Attorney Office. He has taken care of my speeding tickets twice so far, and both times have been good experiences. Everyone in the office is very professional and good at communicating with you about your case—and you get a letter in the mail once all is said and done, confirming your ticket case was successfully resolved. I highly recommend this attorney. There are some other places where you pay a $50 flat fee to have them take care of your tickets but then you still need to go to traffic school. Not with Mark Coburn. I got out of traffic school too, in addition to no points on my license. Totally worth it! Krista P. * To read more client reviews, click...
Have you seen our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating?

Have you seen our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating?

At the Las Vegas Ticket Attorney Law Office, we take customer service to heart. You are not just a client to us; you are a respected human being who we seek to please. There is a reason we have successfully resolved thousands of traffic and criminal cases during our Nevada opening in 2002– and that reason is because we care.

Seattle Seahawks former tight end Stevens serves a Month in Jail for DUI

Stevens was stopped last January in Manhattan Beach, California, after he was found driving the U.S. women’s soccer team van (his wife is goalie Hope Solo) with the lights off. After his recent sentencing, Stevens began serving his time. 35-year-old Stevens had pleaded no contest to DUI charges. His blood alcohol content was over twice the legal limit. Solo had been riding in the front seat of the van and allegedly been combative with officers after they were pulled over. This is not the first DUI conviction for Stevens. He served a previous month in jail in 2007 after being pulled over there. He will now be required to enter a two-year alcohol program and be placed on probation for four years. Are you facing intimidating DUI charges? Contact our Law Office today at 702 382-2000 for a Free Consultation. We can help, in most cases, have your charges drastically reduced, keep you out of jail, and save you time, stress, and embarrassment to your family. Call today....

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