Las Vegas Pedestrians

More bad news from the streets of LV. Pedestrians are being killed by careless drivers more than ever in Southern Nevada. Recently, Dana Goudie, and her dear friend, Scott Buchard, were crossing the Las Vegas Strip when they were suddenly struck by a Honda Accord being driven by a 23-year-old male. Both pedestrians were killed.

Shortly after that accident took place, yet another pedestrian was killed while taking a walk: 71-year old Robert Legesque. Mr. Legesque was pronounced dead in Henderson after a Jeep Commander driven by a 78 year-old-male struck him full force. It is reported that the driver had lost control of his SUV and began to drive on the sidewalk.

If you’re a pedestrian (or bike rider) in Las Vegas, please take extra care to watch out for careless drivers who are not watching out for you. 2012 has been an especially dangerous year so far on Las Vegas roads and highways. And though the Las Vegas Regional Transit Commission is working hard to find solutions that will reduce the number of wrongful deaths in Las Vegas, it is you alone who is ultimately responsible for your own safety. Stay alert, stay aware, and stay safe.

The same advice can be applied when you climb behind the wheel. Nothing is worth the regret, suffering, and severe consequences you will face if you kill another human being due to gross negligence when you’re behind the wheel. Stay within the posted speed limits, be mindful of crosswalks, and try to stay patient behind the wheel.


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