Undercover Cops Cracking Down on Jaywalkers

Undercover Cops Cracking Down on Jaywalkers
Street wanderers beware. Metro officers are actively searching for jaywalkers at numerous busy intersections. If you cross the street outside of a crosswalk, or without adhering to the basic traffic/pedestrian laws, you could be targeted for a ticket and a fine.
Last Thursday, Metro officers waited at Durango and Westcliff to get the message out regarding pedestrian safety. Why now? It’s back to school season.
“I think the message is clear and hopefully it will carry on through the start of school where you will also see enforcement action taking place on the city roadways and streets,” Police Sergeant John Leon said.
Metro is not just cracking down on the pedestrians themselves; according to Sgt. Leon, the largest problems are speeding and drivers who are not paying attention while behind the wheel. As part of the safety crackdown, Metro conducted 52 car stops and wrote 44 citations–35 of them for either failure to yield to a pedestrian or passing a vehicle stopped for a pedestrian.
Metro will be holding many more of these operations around school zones after the school year begins.
If you have been given a ticket for jaywalking, or if you were behind the wheel and received a Las Vegas ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian, or any other traffic violation, contact the Law Office of Mark Coburn today to have the charge removed from your record, so you do not receive points penalty, insurance rate hikes, or high fines from Metro.


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