Crackdown on DUIs in Henderson

 Even as the Holiday season slowly fades into memory, DUI checkpoints continue to pop up all across town. This is due to the large amount of fatal accidents that occur here in the valley, all year round. Even though DUI checkpoints like the one on Blue Diamond road have been keeping motorists alert and are helping to stop irresponsible drivers from harming innocent people, unfortunately, there was still an enormous spike in DUI incidents over the past year in Southern Nevada. In Henderson alone, hundreds of people were injured or killed last year while driving under the influence. Over major holiday weekends, such as Labor Day or New Years, the Henderson police Department sets up key DUI checkpoints, like the one on Blue Diamond road, or a similar check point at St. Rose Parkway and Eastern Avenue, where thousands of drivers are stopped. Police are able to take into custody anyone who is breaking Nevada’s DUI laws at that time. If you were recently arrested for a dui in las vegas,  whether it was for drinking, illegal drug use, or the use of prescription pills, the Law Office of Mark Coburn is here to help you stay out of jail, avoid the maximum penalties, and keep the cleanest record possible. Mark Coburn is one of the leading Criminal Defense Lawyers in las vegas, with over 16 years of legal experience and a respected reputation. Call (702) 382-2000 today for a free consultation....

Distracted Driving Not Just Limited to Texts

  Though the uprising of ‘texting-related’ Las Vegas Traffic Ticketscannot be denied, there are a multitude of other ticketable offenses that fall under the category of “Distracted Driver.” In short, anything that takes the driver’s attention off the road and onto something else is an offense worthy of a costly ticket and points on your Nevada driving record. These offenses include but are not limited to: eating while driving, self-grooming while driving, turning to the back seat to silence a noisy child, fumbling around with your radio or MP3 player, turning to talk to the passenger next to you, flipping through a magazine or book while driving, etc. Please keep your eyes on the road whenever you are behind the wheel. It doesn’t take much for an accident to occur—and during that half second you look down to check the weather, grab something from your purse, or wipe the crumbs off your slacks—an unexpected obstacle could have appeared in front of you on the road. It’s not just your own driving you must remain focused on; it’s the driving of all the other individuals on the road. Remain defensive, alert, and ready to respond at all times. This is the only way to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. If you are facing charges for distracted driving, driving while texting, or any other Las Vegas Traffic Offense, contact the Las Vegas Ticket Attorney Law Office today for a free quote and related information. (702)...

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