Avoid DUI in Las Vegas on Halloween

Avoid DUI in Las Vegas on Halloween Nothing will ruin a holiday faster than a messy traffic accident. Particularly if you cause harm and suffering to yourself, innocent strangers, your friends and family, or anyone else involved. Las Vegas Metro urges you to make responsible decisions this Halloween holiday, and please, do not get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. From Sunday October 20th through November 3rd, Henderson officers will be combining their efforts with adjacent jurisdictions in order to look for impaired drivers. Henderson Police Chief Patrick Moers is reported to have stated, “Halloween is one of the business times of the year for child and adult pedestrians to be walking through neighborhoods… We ask [motorists] to stay sober and alert, so that everyone can enjoy the holiday safely.” Metro is urging anyone who suspects another individual of driving impaired to immediately call 911 and give a vehicle description, location and travel direction of vehicle, and if at all possible—safely report the license plate number. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately 44% of all highway fatalities in the nation on Halloween weekend involve a drunk driver/motorcycle rider. These numbers are staggering and can be lowered drastically by playing it safe rather than sorry. At Ticket Attorney Law Office, we fight hard to plea your Las Vegas DUI down to a lesser charge, so you do not have to face extreme consequences such as high fees and fines, community service, or even jail time. It is not advisable that you attempt to deal with your drunk driving charge in Las Vegas on your own....

Harley-Davidson Grand Opening Huge Store on Las Vegas Strip

Harley-Davidson Grand Opening Huge Store on Las Vegas Strip Just adjacent to the infamous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, the brand new Harley-Davidson store will kick off a grand opening celebration on Saturday November 1st at noon. Celebration highlights include a custom motorcycle raffle, appearances by professional dirt track riders, and live performances by magicians, blues musicians, and country singers. As well, there will be local food trucks on site. The event is free of charge. The store boasts 65,000 square feet of space containing Harley-Davidson rental services, a dealership, a retail shop, a service center, and a ‘riding academy.’ As well, there is a Harley-Davidson ‘Recharge Zone’ where locals and tourists and Harley enthusiasts alike can sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy free wi-fi service too. Additional features of the new super-store to note: Las Vegas Harley-Davidson owns and operates Red Rock Harley-Davidson and Zion Harley Davidson. More on the custom motorcycle raffle: Las Vegas Harley-Davidson will be raffling off a one-of-a-kind “Nevada themed” motorcycle (a 2014 FLHX Harley-Davidson Street Glide). Tickets are $150 a piece and available at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson. All proceeds will be donated to the Nevada 150 Foundation, Inc. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, or simply just a speed demon, and you have been pulled over and given a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket or other Traffic Violation, allow our friendly Law Office take care of the hassle for you. In most cases, we are able to fix your ticket so that you have no points on your licenses and no traffic school. Call us today at (702) 382-2000 for a free quote....

Henderson Police make multiple DUI arrests

Henderson Police make multiple DUI arrests This past month, during a two week period ending on September 7th, Henderson police arrested eight drivers on DUI Charges; as well, they issued over 80 speeding tickets, 15 citations for texting while driving, and numerous other tickets including those issued to drivers with no insurance, expired registration, and suspended or expired licenses. This influx in tickets was largely due to a recent enforcement effort targeting drunk drivers in the Las Vegas area. You may have already heard the stats, but that does not make them any less shocking; last year alone, almost 300 people were killed in motor vehicles in Nevada alone. Alcohol was a contributing factor in a large portion of those deaths, according to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety. In 2014, so far, almost 200 people have been killed in motor vehicle accidents. These numbers are disheartening. DUI Charges in Las Vegas are not to taken lightly. If you have been charged with such a case, we strongly suggest you consider hiring a qualified DUI Attorney to assist you with your DUI Case. Attorney Mark Coburn has the knowledge, and experience to ensure that you receive the highest possible legal representation. Call us today at (702) 382-2000 for a Free Consultation.  ...

Former Stripper Sent to Las Vegas Jail for DUI

Former Stripper Sent to Las Vegas Jail for DUI Shauna Miller, age 28—a former stripper here in the Las Vegas Valley, was just sentenced to between five and fifteen years in prison due to a Las Vegas DUI Accident in 2013, which resulting in killing a man and injuring his young son. Shauna pleaded guilty this summer, and more recently begged the victim’s family for forgiveness in court. “I’m really sorry for your loss,” Miller said in court to the family, “I never wanted to hurt you guys, and I’m very, very sorry. Not only did I take a family apart, I know that a father is not involved in his son’s life anymore, and that kills me every day.” The victim’s mother, Laverna Prugh, refused to show Shauna any mercy. “You want forgiveness?” she asked. “Not in this lifetime, Shauna Miller. Not ever.” Ms. Miller had been held in jail for the last 18 months, awaiting the trail for her DUI Accident in Las Vegas. She initially told investigators that she consumed Xanax and two beers while at work in the Las Vegas Strip Club, Spearmint Rhino. Police tested Miller’s intoxication limits and, according to the breath-test, found her under the legal limit for alcohol, though she did fail her field sobriety test, according to Las Vegas Metro. Not long after, the results of Miller’s blood test came through and showed that her BAC was over twice the legal limit. As well, Miller was found to have marijuana in her system. The devastating accident itself had occurred when Shauna blew a red light while driving a borrowed Hummer....

Las Vegas Bench Warrants Explained

Las Vegas Bench Warrants Explained As a long-running and respected Law Office in Southern Nevada, we at Ticket Attorney Law Office receive many questions regarding warrants, warrant quashing, and the specifics on individual warrant-related cases. Today we’d like to share with you a break-down of one of the most common types of warrants in Las Vegas: the bench warrant. Similar to arrest warrants, a bench warrant in Las Vegas authorizes Nevada police to arrest and detain you on bail, at any time. The major differences between arrest warrants and bench warrants follow: Arrest warrants must be formally requested by police, from judges. Bench warrants, on the other hand, are initiated by the judges themselves. As well, arrest warrants begin the start of a criminal case, while bench warrants typically pop up while a criminal case is already underway (i.e. when the judge finds you in “contempt of court.” What is contempt of court? Examples follow… missing a court date (such as an arraignment, a sentencing, or a status check) forgetting or neglecting to pay a fine, attending counseling, or complete community service, and/or neglecting to follow any other court order A judge in Las Vegas may also decide to issue a Las Vegas bench warrant if you are not currently in custody but have been named in an indictment. Or, if you refuse to testify in a Nevada court, a judge may choose to order a bench warrant as well. Note: Nevada judges may not order bench warrants for you to appear personally in preliminary hearings as long as counsel/attorneys appear on your behalf and file a waiver for...

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