Dangerous Domestic Violence Altercations

Dangerous Domestic Violence Altercations An unfortunate trend is hitting the Valley. Police are labeling this trend: “dangerous domestic violence altercations”, and the problem has grabbed the attention of the Las Vegas population. One such offender, Troy White, turned himself in to Metro after being named suspect in his wife’s death earlier that afternoon. He is being held in custody and questioned by authorities. His wife was shot in the chest near her home near Alta and Buffalo… while her five children listened on– in the house at the time of the shooting. In another morbid case, detectives named Alburto Gutierez as a suspect in the brutal stabbing death of his wife. Once again, the children were just several feet away from the murder as it took place in the couple’s Las Vegas home. There is also Mario Alejandro Lopez, currently jailed for stabbing his ex-wife and their son. The son has since recovered, however, his ex-wife is still in critical condition at University Medical Center. Each of these cases occurred in the past month, and each is accompanied by another disturbing trend. The Shade Tree Shelter has been busier than ever as victims of domestic abuse continue to line up at the door. Just in the past three months, there have been 1,500 new clients– mostly women and children seeking refuge from terribly abusive relationships at home. The Executive Director of the Shade Tree Shelter, Marlene Richter, states that, “Nevada is number one in homicide rates for spouses killing their wives.  It’s up to us to turn that statistics upside down.  Children and families are at stake.  Everyone needs...

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