Las Vegas Metro Police Department Issues 3,000 Tickets This Year For Cell Phone Tickets

Las Vegas Metro Police Department have Issued nearly 3,000 Tickets this year for Cell Phone Use While Driving During the last legislative session, the Nevada passed SB140 which outlawed the sending of text messages and the use of mobile phones while driving here in Nevada. The bill gave primacy to the state law, preventing further legislation from cities and counties. The law came into effect October 1st, 2011, and metro continues to crack-down on cell phone users as they drive. If seen by a police officer using their cell phone, drivers are issued a las vegas traffic ticket and fined. The second time the same driver is pulled over for a similar offense, the fine climbs… as it does the third time. So far in 2012, the Las Vegas Metro PD has issued nearly 3,000 tickets for drivers using their mobile phones while driving. Most of the people ticketed are cited when they use their mobile phone while sitting at a stop light. If you have been given a ticked for driving while using a cell phone in Las Vegas call Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Lawyer today at 702...

Las Vegas Police Increase Tickets Due To LV Traffic Fatalities

Las Vegas Police Increase Tickets due to LV Traffic Fatalities The Las Vegas traffic laws have been re-designed to reduce Las Vegas’ record number of 2012 automobile and pedestrian accident fatalities. Since Las Vegas is a highway based city with roads as wide as six lanes, and because drivers come here from such varying parts of the country (each with a distinct ‘driving personality’), the drivers in Las Vegas tend to bring all sorts of chaos and rebellion to the roads: they tailgate, cut off other drivers, speed beyond the level of safety, drive slow in the fast lane, drive fast in the slow lane, honk and wave fingers, etc. These poor driving habits have even led to Las Vegas’ listing as one of the most ticketed cities in the United States! Recent construction on Interstate 15 also leads to many Las Vegas auto accidents. Because of this, on the highway, a number of express lanes have been added to the left hand side of the road. The lanes, delineated by solid double stripes, are express lanes to the many tourist destinations that people travel too from McCarran airport. Las Vegas officials are hoping that these lanes will help clear up some of the confusion out-of-town drivers face when navigating the Vegas highways. In addition, highway 95 has a high occupancy vehicle lane that many drivers ignore. The high occupancy lanes, or HOV lanes, are for cars with two or more people. If you have received a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket and would like to avoid the lengthy and costly experience of going to court, going to traffic school,...

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