Las Vegas Cop Guilty Of Coercing Women Breasts

Las Vegas Cop Guilty of coercing women into showing their Breasts

John Norman resigned from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department earlier this month after being charged with “oppression under the color of office” and “open or gross lewdness.”

Former Las Vegas officer John Norman stopped females drivers while on duty and pressured them into exposing their breasts to him. He was also accused of fondling a woman after pulling her over for not having a license plate. The woman reported that Norman told her to pull into the back of a church parking lot so he could conduct some “tests”.

The report said the woman told Norman she had a prior arrest for a Las Vegas DUIand that during the arrest marijuana was found. At that point, Norman asked to “physically search” her. After the woman contested, Norman told her he needed to search her bra, and he asked her to lift up her shirt and her bra. The woman obeyed, and according to the report, Norman then groped her and told her he was not going to cite her because of her cooperation. He let the woman go without performing a field sobriety test.

Another similar incident occurred when Norman blocked a woman’s vehicle as it entered an apartment complex near Flamingo and Paradise. He told the driver he didn’t have a reason to stop her other than the fact that they were in a high-crime area. One of the women in the vehicle admitted that she had a Las Vegas Warrant for a Las Vegas Traffic Tickets, and Norman told her he was going to arrest her for the warrants.

According to the report, while patting her down, Norman asked the woman to put her fingers under her bra and shake it to make sure nothing was inside it. After that, he searched her before putting her in the back of his car and driving around the corner where he told her it was her “lucky day” because he had to go out on a “hot call” so she wasn’t going to be arrested.

After he removed her handcuffs, he asked again whether she had anything hidden in her bra. After asking her for a third time to shake out her bra, he is reported to have said: “My, aren’t we bashful today.”

The woman sensed Norman wanted to see underneath the bra, so she pulled down her shirt and bra and exposed her right breast to him. Shortly after that, Norman let her go.


Norman was found guilty charges this Monday, and faces a sentencing hearing next October before Judge Abbi Silver.



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