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Penalties For Texing While Driven Worsen

If you HATE seeing people text while they’re driving, you will be happy to hear this news. Las Vegas Traffic Ticket violations for texting while driving have quadrupled in recent months. Due to strengthening of the existing law, police now have more power than ever to pull over a driver who is texting while behind the wheel. Las Vegas texing tickets are on the rise. Texting while driving is now considered a primary traffic offense (meaning, the cop needs no other reason to pull you over!) The point penalty has also also been raised from two to three points. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported over 3,000 deaths in 2011 due to distracted driving (caused in large part by hand-held devices.) If you are cited for a Las Vegas texting ticket while driving, or any other Las Vegas Traffic Ticket, contact the Office of Mark Coburn today for a free consultation. (702) 382-2000 In most cases, we are able to get your ticket reduced, no points, no traffic school, and no court appearances for...

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