Where does my money go when I pay a Speeding Ticket?

Where does my money go when I pay a Speeding Ticket?

Each time you pay a traffic ticket or face other accusations in a municipal court, you incur three types of charges: fines, fees and costs. Fines = the monetary punishment for your offense. These go to the municipality in which the offense occurred. Fees = are for specific purposes or state programs. Local Court Costs = here is what, according to some, make traffic tickets so expensive. This money goes directly to the municipality that hosts the court to pay for court operations (mostly salaries, benefits and supplies.) Court users who face minor traffic offenses are a HUGE source of revenue for municipal courts. Do you have a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket? Call (702) 382-2000 today! No points. No Traffic School. No...

Money-Hungry Courts

Last Wednesday, a Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge declined to rule on the constitutionality of cash collection and courtroom practices which have been called money-hungry. State lawmakers, city employees, former judges, and countless defendants have been talking negatively about several judges for months, largely due to their approach to misdemeanor warrants. Critics say these judges prioritize cash payments above public safety and pressure the court marshals to take credit card payments instead of locking up offenders… even the violent ones. Related to this, Eric Siegler, a Las Vegas paralegal, accused a traffic commissioner of attempting to force him to pay down $450 in fines before his case could be heard by a judge. As well, courts have been accused of levying unconstitutional fines and extracting hefty fees from poorer defendants. What can be done? Advocates are still fighting to right this disturbing wrong. We’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, if you have a Traffic Ticket in Las Vegas, an unpaid Warrant, or other looming offense, call our Law Office today for a Free Consultation at (702) 382-2000. We’re here to...
Speed Trap on 215

Speed Trap on 215

  Don’t you wish it was that easy? A sign warned us all so we had time to slow back down to the speed limit… Such is not reality here in the Las Vegas Valley (or, perhaps, anywhere on earth!) And one particular stretch of highway has been flooded with cop cars as of recently. Ever drive the West stretch of 215 from Charleston down towards Russell? If you are ever heading this way, BEWARE. This past Sunday afternoon there were three cop cars poised to catch speeders within a few miles of each other. And that is not far from the norm on that particular area of the 215; oftentimes there are at least one or two cop cars under the bridges, waiting for speed limit offenders. Now, we are not condoning speeding here… but perhaps it seems a bit harsh to pull over leisure Sunday afternoon drivers who may be going 5-10 over the limit while heading home from church, Trader Joe’s, or to visit family or friends. One way or another, Las Vegas police will be the first to tell you: the law is the law. So, if you happen to have a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket you need taken care of (No points, No School, No Court, No Insurance hike) call us today at (702) 382-2000. We offer a simple ‘fix by phone’ service so your ticket will be cleared up in no...
160 Tickets Issued during North Las Vegas Pedestrian Safety Campaign

160 Tickets Issued during North Las Vegas Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Just on two days: May 29th and June 1st, North Las Vegas Police officers issued a whopping 160 Traffic Citations in order to emphasize the importance of pedestrian safety. In addition to the large number of tickets distributed, officers also issued 72 warnings. Officers stated that the goal of these two days of mega-ticket-issuing was to target drivers who did NOT yield properly for pedestrians, as well as to target pedestrians who did NOT cross properly. Did the officers receive backlash for their efforts? On the contrary. North Las Vegas police stated that citizens praised their efforts in trying to keep the roads safer. Are you facing charges for a Las Vegas moving violation? Contact our Law Office today at 702 382-2000 for a Free Consultation. We can help, in most cases, have your charges drastically reduced, keep you out of jail, and save you time, stress, and embarrassment to your family. Call...
Las Vegas Law Enforcement is being accused of being “money hungry” when it comes to its approach to misdemeanor warrants.

Las Vegas Law Enforcement is being accused of being “money hungry” when it comes to its approach to misdemeanor warrants.

Critics claim that the collect-at-all-costs mentality places a high emphasis on traffic ticket revenue and is most likely to hurt minority defendants who fail to pay speeding tickets, while leaving more serious offenders roaming the streets. Former Las Vegas Marshal Richard Kilgore said the court rewards officers who bring in the most money and offers additional training and promotions to marshals who “negotiate court-ordered bail amounts with scofflaws in the field.” Those who do not, he said, find themselves out of luck. “Officers like myself would get denied training, get stuck in court more,” Kil­gore added. “That’s where I thought (marshals) were supposed to be. I’ve always thought that we’re not there to generate revenue, we’re there to enforce court orders and uphold the decorum of the court.” Another critic, Court Administrator Dana Hlavac, added, “I’m not going to force people to pay money they can’t pay just so we can keep running our business,” he added. Records obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal via Nevada’s public records law display that the Las Vegas Municipal Court collected nearly $130 million — 89 percent of its total revenue — from traffic violations over the past five years. The majority of that was taken in by speeding tickets or other moving violations.   Do you have a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket you would like reduced to no points, no school, no traffic school?  Call today for a Free Consultation at (702)...

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