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Money-Hungry Courts

Last Wednesday, a Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge declined to rule on the constitutionality of cash collection and courtroom practices which have been called money-hungry.

State lawmakers, city employees, former judges, and countless defendants have been talking negatively about several judges for months, largely due to their approach to misdemeanor warrants. Critics say these judges prioritize cash payments above public safety and pressure the court marshals to take credit card payments instead of locking up offenders… even the violent ones.

Related to this, Eric Siegler, a Las Vegas paralegal, accused a traffic commissioner of attempting to force him to pay down $450 in fines before his case could be heard by a judge.

As well, courts have been accused of levying unconstitutional fines and extracting hefty fees from poorer defendants.

What can be done? Advocates are still fighting to right this disturbing wrong. We’ll keep you updated.

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