Speed Trap on 215

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Don’t you wish it was that easy? A sign warned us all so we had time to slow back down to the speed limit…

Such is not reality here in the Las Vegas Valley (or, perhaps, anywhere on earth!) And one particular stretch of highway has been flooded with cop cars as of recently.

Ever drive the West stretch of 215 from Charleston down towards Russell? If you are ever heading this way, BEWARE. This past Sunday afternoon there were three cop cars poised to catch speeders within a few miles of each other. And that is not far from the norm on that particular area of the 215; oftentimes there are at least one or two cop cars under the bridges, waiting for speed limit offenders.

Now, we are not condoning speeding here… but perhaps it seems a bit harsh to pull over leisure Sunday afternoon drivers who may be going 5-10 over the limit while heading home from church, Trader Joe’s, or to visit family or friends.

One way or another, Las Vegas police will be the first to tell you: the law is the law.

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