Flavor Flav Arrested in Las Vegas Domestic Violence Case

Flavor Flav Arrested in Las Vegas Domestic Violence Case Entertainer Flavor Flav (whose legal name is William Drayton Jr.) threw his fiancee to the floor twice and grabbed before grabbing several knives and chasing while threatening to kill her 17-year-old son. These incidents took place in the couple’s home in Las Vegas, according to Metro Police. Luckily, the former rapper, hip-hop star, and reality TV personality did not succeed in stabbing his fiancee’s son. However, Flavor Flav did succeed in cutting his own finger with one of the knives before police arrived and arrested him at 3:30 a.m., according to the Metro police report. William Drayton, 53, faces a Las Vegas felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor count of Las Vegas battery-domestic violence. He could face up to six years in prison on the assault charge if convicted. His girlfriend of eight years, Elizabeth Trujillo, told police her earring was ripped out during the fight, which she said stemmed from an argument over infidelity. Trujillo told police that her son intervened after Drayton grabbed her and threw her to the ground; then the teen wrestled with Drayton before Drayton grabbed two large knives and chased him through the living room, according to the police report. He has also been arrested in the past for traffic tickets in Las Vegas. The teen told police he ran to his sister’s upstairs bedroom, where he said Drayton kicked in the door and threatened him while holding both knives. Drayton/Flavor Flav has a criminal history that includes arrests and convictions on traffic infractions, a month in jail for...

Las Vegas Metro Police Department Issues 3,000 Tickets This Year For Cell Phone Tickets

Las Vegas Metro Police Department have Issued nearly 3,000 Tickets this year for Cell Phone Use While Driving During the last legislative session, the Nevada passed SB140 which outlawed the sending of text messages and the use of mobile phones while driving here in Nevada. The bill gave primacy to the state law, preventing further legislation from cities and counties. The law came into effect October 1st, 2011, and metro continues to crack-down on cell phone users as they drive. If seen by a police officer using their cell phone, drivers are issued a las vegas traffic ticket and fined. The second time the same driver is pulled over for a similar offense, the fine climbs… as it does the third time. So far in 2012, the Las Vegas Metro PD has issued nearly 3,000 tickets for drivers using their mobile phones while driving. Most of the people ticketed are cited when they use their mobile phone while sitting at a stop light. If you have been given a ticked for driving while using a cell phone in Las Vegas call Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Lawyer today at 702...

Las Vegas Police Increase Tickets Due To LV Traffic Fatalities

Las Vegas Police Increase Tickets due to LV Traffic Fatalities The Las Vegas traffic laws have been re-designed to reduce Las Vegas’ record number of 2012 automobile and pedestrian accident fatalities. Since Las Vegas is a highway based city with roads as wide as six lanes, and because drivers come here from such varying parts of the country (each with a distinct ‘driving personality’), the drivers in Las Vegas tend to bring all sorts of chaos and rebellion to the roads: they tailgate, cut off other drivers, speed beyond the level of safety, drive slow in the fast lane, drive fast in the slow lane, honk and wave fingers, etc. These poor driving habits have even led to Las Vegas’ listing as one of the most ticketed cities in the United States! Recent construction on Interstate 15 also leads to many Las Vegas auto accidents. Because of this, on the highway, a number of express lanes have been added to the left hand side of the road. The lanes, delineated by solid double stripes, are express lanes to the many tourist destinations that people travel too from McCarran airport. Las Vegas officials are hoping that these lanes will help clear up some of the confusion out-of-town drivers face when navigating the Vegas highways. In addition, highway 95 has a high occupancy vehicle lane that many drivers ignore. The high occupancy lanes, or HOV lanes, are for cars with two or more people. If you have received a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket and would like to avoid the lengthy and costly experience of going to court, going to traffic school,...

Police and Sythetic Drugs

Police and Synthetic Drugs Metro Police department recently posted a YouTube video with information regarding the use and dangers of bath salts—including what the drugs look like and the various means through which they are marketed. For those who don’t know: bath salts are synthetic versions of cocaine and marijuana, made with chemicals that are difficult for narcotic specialists to detect. These drugs are sold in misleading packages with colorful cartoon characters on them and simple warnings such as “not for human consumption”, which is the same warning found on many common household products. The drugs are putting an enormous amount of lives in danger. According to Metro, individuals who consume bath salts exhibit strange and violent behavior beyond the severity of the effects of PCP. The recent outbreak of bath salts in the United States has led to multiple cannibal-like cases. In an effort to stop the distribution and sale of these drugs, Las Vegas was targeted among 109 cities in a nationwide crackdown. This is because, in Las Vegas alone, more than 19 million packets of synthetic drugs have been seized. And, since the outbreak of bath salts hit Las Vegas, this town has seen an increase in domestic violence. Although evidence is inconclusive, there is thought to be a correlation between synthetic drug use and violence in Las Vegas. It is extremely important to understand the grave effects of synthetic drugs, and many people do not. Manufacturers of these drugs have found sly ways to stay ahead of the ever-changing drug laws, so bath salts are not illegal yet, and are still sold in smoke shops....

Undercover Cops Cracking Down on Jaywalkers

Undercover Cops Cracking Down on Jaywalkers Street wanderers beware. Metro officers are actively searching for jaywalkers at numerous busy intersections. If you cross the street outside of a crosswalk, or without adhering to the basic traffic/pedestrian laws, you could be targeted for a ticket and a fine. Last Thursday, Metro officers waited at Durango and Westcliff to get the message out regarding pedestrian safety. Why now? It’s back to school season. “I think the message is clear and hopefully it will carry on through the start of school where you will also see enforcement action taking place on the city roadways and streets,” Police Sergeant John Leon said. Metro is not just cracking down on the pedestrians themselves; according to Sgt. Leon, the largest problems are speeding and drivers who are not paying attention while behind the wheel. As part of the safety crackdown, Metro conducted 52 car stops and wrote 44 citations–35 of them for either failure to yield to a pedestrian or passing a vehicle stopped for a pedestrian. Metro will be holding many more of these operations around school zones after the school year begins. If you have been given a ticket for jaywalking, or if you were behind the wheel and received a Las Vegas ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian, or any other traffic violation, contact the Law Office of Mark Coburn today to have the charge removed from your record, so you do not receive points penalty, insurance rate hikes, or high fines from...

Las Vegas Pedestrians

More bad news from the streets of LV. Pedestrians are being killed by careless drivers more than ever in Southern Nevada. Recently, Dana Goudie, and her dear friend, Scott Buchard, were crossing the Las Vegas Strip when they were suddenly struck by a Honda Accord being driven by a 23-year-old male. Both pedestrians were killed. Shortly after that accident took place, yet another pedestrian was killed while taking a walk: 71-year old Robert Legesque. Mr. Legesque was pronounced dead in Henderson after a Jeep Commander driven by a 78 year-old-male struck him full force. It is reported that the driver had lost control of his SUV and began to drive on the sidewalk. If you’re a pedestrian (or bike rider) in Las Vegas, please take extra care to watch out for careless drivers who are not watching out for you. 2012 has been an especially dangerous year so far on Las Vegas roads and highways. And though the Las Vegas Regional Transit Commission is working hard to find solutions that will reduce the number of wrongful deaths in Las Vegas, it is you alone who is ultimately responsible for your own safety. Stay alert, stay aware, and stay safe. The same advice can be applied when you climb behind the wheel. Nothing is worth the regret, suffering, and severe consequences you will face if you kill another human being due to gross negligence when you’re behind the wheel. Stay within the posted speed limits, be mindful of crosswalks, and try to stay patient behind the wheel.   If you receive a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket or have questions regarding...

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