Police and Sythetic Drugs

Police and Synthetic Drugs
Metro Police department recently posted a YouTube video with information regarding the use and dangers of bath salts—including what the drugs look like and the various means through which they are marketed.
For those who don’t know: bath salts are synthetic versions of cocaine and marijuana, made with chemicals that are difficult for narcotic specialists to detect. These drugs are sold in misleading packages with colorful cartoon characters on them and simple warnings such as “not for human consumption”, which is the same warning found on many common household products.
The drugs are putting an enormous amount of lives in danger. According to Metro, individuals who consume bath salts exhibit strange and violent behavior beyond the severity of the effects of PCP. The recent outbreak of bath salts in the United States has led to multiple cannibal-like cases.
In an effort to stop the distribution and sale of these drugs, Las Vegas was targeted among 109 cities in a nationwide crackdown. This is because, in Las Vegas alone, more than 19 million packets of synthetic drugs have been seized. And, since the outbreak of bath salts hit Las Vegas, this town has seen an increase in domestic violence. Although evidence is inconclusive, there is thought to be a correlation between synthetic drug use and violence in Las Vegas.
It is extremely important to understand the grave effects of synthetic drugs, and many people do not. Manufacturers of these drugs have found sly ways to stay ahead of the ever-changing drug laws, so bath salts are not illegal yet, and are still sold in smoke shops. This does not mean they are safe, in any way. In fact, the easy access to such harmful substances makes them all the more dangerous.
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