Be Safe! Avoid Fourth of July DUI

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As in previous years, Las Vegas Metro will likely be staging July 4th DUI Checkpoints throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Sometimes, these checkpoints are active on July 5th as well.

Fear of getting caught aside, it is obviously in your best interest to remain 100% sober while driving (or operating a boat on Lake Mead!) this upcoming Summer Holiday. Too many lives are ruined or lost due to irresponsible drivers; you do not want to risk your freedom, your reputation, your career, or even your life because of one poorly made decision.

Be sure to have a designated driver after your July 4th celebration. Remember: July 4th is a day to celebrate Freedom… not to have yours taken away because of a reckless accident.

If you do find yourself in need of legal advice, representation, or emergency defense due to a Las Vegas DUI or other Traffic Ticket offense, don’t hesitate to call the Las Vegas Ticket Attorney. With over 20 years legal experience, we have successfully defended thousands of cases and look forward to helping you achieve the best possible results for yours.

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