Slow Down in the Zone…even if there are no workers in sight

It’s frustrating to hit the brakes in construction zones when no workers are present. But guess what? You will receive a Las Vegas speeding ticket in a construction zone, regardless of whether or not workers are there when you’re speeding. If a cop catches you going above the posted ‘work-zone’ limit, you’re toast!

Even more severe is speeding in a construction zone when workers ARE present. If you thought receiving a regular Las Vegas traffic ticket was bad, prepare yourself for double the penalties (up to $1,000), possible  community service, and multiple visits to court. The best thing you can do to avoid receiving a costly Las Vegas speeding ticket is to watch for the posted work-zone limit—which may be far below the regular highway limit.

Throughout the year, the Nevada Department of Transportation works to keep drivers and road workers safe using protective barriers, warning signs, lower speed limits, lane closures and flaggers in certain work zones. Watch for all of these signals and barriers, and remember that work zones are not there to inconvenience you; they are necessary to improve the roadway and to safely guide drivers. Construction updates are available by logging onto or calling ‘511’ before driving.

If you receive a Las Vegas traffic ticket in a construction zone, call the Law Office of Mark Coburn at (702) 382-2000 immediately for your free quote.

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