Rougue DUI Writing in Chicago

A couple years ago, Chicago Law Enforcement Officer, Richard Fiorito, was accused of falsely writing a number of DUI citations for lesbian and gay motorists that he pulled over. At that time, 40 lawsuits were filed against the Chicago police force. Even though there were a significant number of witnesses testifying to the discrimination involved, it was announced that civil rights violations charges would not be pursued against Officer Fiorito. Many of the gay and lesbian people accused of driving while intoxicated immediately protested the decision and moved forward with individual lawsuits. The Fiorito case illustrates the importance of never accepting a plea deal from District Attorneys… and this applies for Las Vegas Dui as well. If you are facing unfair DUI charges, or you require a dui attorney in las vegas, contact the law office of Mark Coburn at (702) 382-2000 today for a free consultation.

Back in Chicago, just this week, city officials announced that the last of the remaining cases resulting from the Fiortio DUI ordeal had been settled. Over 130 people arrested for DUIs by Fiorit had their charges dismissed by the Chicago traffic authorities. While Officer Fiorito retired this year, the latest two cases settled by Chicago authorities have resulted in each of the motorists receiving payments of $100,000. Attorneys for both plaintiffs received a combined payout of $250,000.While this tragic case happened in Chicago, it could just have easily happened in Southern Nevada. If you have received a Las Vegas DUI citation, Mark Coburn a Las Vegas Ticket Attorney can represent you, work to get your charges reduced, keep you out of jail, and keep your record clean. Call (702) 382-2000 today.

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