Reduce The Chance Of Getting A Las Vegas Traffic Ticket

Nothing puts a damper on your trip to Las Vegas then seeing the red and blue flashing in your rear view mirror. Did you have to much to drink? Did I do something wrong? Getting lost in the many side streets off the strip, all can get you pulled over in Las Vegas. One of the best ways to get out of a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket is to appeal to the officer for help, that changes the dynamic from a enforcer of the law to public servant helping you out. So when the officer come to your window say some thing like “Wow, I’m glad to see you officer I’m lost and trying to find X” or “I have been driving around forever trying to find X, and I can’t find it.” Now, always follow the directives the officer gives you, like stepping out of the car, turning the engine off, or producing ID. Never antagonize the officer if you can it will never help you and can very often make matters much worse. Never self incriminate either, when the officer asks “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Do not say I was going kinda fast or i missed that stop sign, instead respond with a question of your own like, “No officer, why did you pull me over?” Remember you are being recorded on video from the moment the officers lights started to flash.

If you do get a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket most people are from a long ways away and the police know that most if not all tickets given will just be paid, because people can’t afford to come back to fight a ticket. That’s why getting a Lawyer to represent you is vital. Every ticket damages your privilege to drive, getting a quality law firm to handle the case will often reduce the ticket amount, get the ticket thrown out, or in a more serious offence like DUI get time served and fines over weeks of jail time and the fines too. Police are under pressure to give out tickets to make there quota, don’t let your self be the victim of such a ticket based on thin or frivolous charges.


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