Hello Las Vegas Drivers

Hello Las Vegas Drivers!

In just under a week, the aptly named “Click It or Ticket” campaign begins yet again to remind those behind the wheel that they MUST buckle up…because their lives depend on it.

What caused this campaign to re-surface? Several months ago, a violent three-car collision caused two people to pass away…one of whom was ejected from his vehicle because he was not wearing a seatbelt.

Because of this and the increasing number of recent fatalities due to people not following the seat-belt law, Las Vegas Merto Police will now be targeting anyone who fails to buckle-up. But remember this: the seat-belt law is not there to inconvenience you; it’s there to keep you safe. Studies continue to show that an individual is twice as likely to survive a collision if he or she is wearing a seatbelt. It’s simply not worth the risk to go seatbelt-less! And really, how easy is it to pull that strap across your shoulder and chest? You can handle it.

Despite the ease of buckling up, Nevada Highway Patrol is aware that people usually don’t follow laws like this until it hits them “in their pocketbooks.” So even though Nevada doesn’t have a primary seatbelt law yet, officers WILL now find a reason to stop you for other violations (so they can write you the secondary seatbelt ticket), especially during the campaign beginning next week and running through the beginning of June.

Bottom line: Find some other way to rebel, put your seatbelt on!

So if you do decide to not wear your seatblet and receive a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket for it, then call and attorney who can help you fix your Las Vegas seatbelt ticket.



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