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Las Vegas, an alive, vibrant, fun city.  The merriment goes on day and night. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time in such a city.  Vegas is also a wonderful city in which to live.  The economy is stable.  Employment is high due to the high Entertainment Industry.  The Police Department also has a strong presence in Las Vegas to keep residents and visitors safe from crime.  They also keep their eyes on the roads, and do give out plenty of tickets.

Can you get out of a ticket?  Yes, it is possible with help.  But here are some steps to follow to help in the situation.  The first thing you need to do when you are pulled over by a police officer is use your head, not your mouth.  Never get mouthy with the officer. Show him/her respect.  Make no sudden moves, always keep your hands in sight.  Do as requested, i.e. show driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration.  If they do not ask for something, don’t show it.  If they ask why you were speeding, give a straight answer.  Never argue with the officer, that will only cause more problems for you.  If you show respect, do as asked, and get lucky, you may get off with a warning.  Even if you get a ticket, just take it, sign the paper, be on your best behavior.

The next day, head to the phone book, or call lawyer referral services, and find a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket lawyer.  Some tips and pitfalls of looking for a good attorney are as follows: Most all lawyers will give a free consultation over the phone. This is your opportunity to interview them.  They will be your employee, so make sure you hire the person with your best interest at heart.  Do they have a genuine interest in you, the client? What are their fees? Do they demand all fees up front, or will they work out some kind of payment arrangements?  How will they handle your case?  How will they negotiate other issues like outstanding warrants, or other pending charges from this traffic stop. Be honest with your attorney.  If you have a history of charges from another jurisdiction, he/she needs to know this.  You must live with what they do, so is this the Las Vegas Traffic Ticket attorney you can trust?

Do not contact the courts yourself.  Let the attorney deal with the courts.  Quite often you will not even have to appear in court, they will handle everything for you.  Yes, you will feel the pain of losing a few dollars out of your pocket, but be grateful for the good help you have found from your quality attorney, and learn from your mistake.  Good Luck and continue to enjoy Vegas!


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