Self-Driving Cars!

We Are Living in the Future

Anyone remember Conan O’Brien’s sketch: “In the Year 2000”? It was on the original Conan O’Brien show back in the 1990s. Conan and Andy put on their space suits, turned the lights down low, and made laughable predictions about what the world would be like once the new millennium rolled around. I’ll share a few predictions here: 

“In the year 2000…50 million viewers will tune in to watch the series finale of Friends, where it is finally revealed that New York has black people.”

“In the year 2000… Jesus Christ returns to earth but quickly leaves when he discovers the 55 cent Egg McMuffin deal has expired.”

“In the year 2000…In a tell-all autobiography, the planet Jupiter swears that it never had a red spot until after it had unprotected sex with Venus.”

Well, here we are over two decades later, and Jupiter has yet to come clean about its dirty past. We do, however, have some other exciting news to report: Self-driving cars. Google received a license from the state Department of Motor vehicles to test these futuristic vehicles right here in Nevada. There is a fleet of around eight different cars being tested: six Toyota Priuses, an Audi TT, and a Lexus RX450h.

License plates issued for self-driving cars will have a red background with an infinity symbol on the left side. “I feel using the infinity symbol was the best way to represent the ‘car of the future,’” Las Vegas Department of Motor Vehicles Director, Bruce Breslow, said.

The new technology combines artificial intelligence software, a global positioning system, and a variety of sensors to navigate through traffic. The self-driving system also allows a human driver to take control by stepping on the brake or turning the wheel (similar to the way your old driver’s ed instructor was able to take over when you started veering towards a big tree.) Google aims to market the new technology to automobile manufacturers soon.

While the concept of self-driving cars sounds intriguing, I don’t really see the value in owning a self-driving Audi TT. Isn’t the point of owning a car of that caliber to actually drive it? Having a robot in control of the clutch of such a fine piece of machinery would take all the fun out of the experience, for me. Regardless of what make or model these cars turn out to be, I can’t help but wonder how affordable they’ll be for the average American. And, who gets the Las Vegas Speeding Ticket when a self-driving car is pulled over? The human being, or the car? Either way, if you’re in a bind, call a Las Vegas Ticket Lawyer to help fix your Las Vegas Traffic Ticket.

To note: On his new program, Conan has revived his old sketch. It’s now called: “In the Year 3000.” Here’s one of his predictions:

“In the year 3000… The US will finally go bankrupt after it allows people to trade in their fat kids in their program called Cash For Chunkers.”



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