Cell Phone and Texting Law

New Cell Phone and Text Messaging law goes in full effect on January 1, 2012

Senate Bill no. 140

AN ACT relating to traffic law: prohibiting a person from using a cellular telephone or other hand held wireless communications device while operating a motor vehicle in certain circumstances; providing penalties; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

(Chapters 484A-484E of NRS) Section 1 of this bill makes it a crime for a person to manually type or enter text into a cellular telephone or other similar device, or to send or read data using any such device, while operating a motor vehicle. Section 1 further prohibits a person from using such a device for voice communication unless the device is used with an accessory which allows the person to communicate without using his or her hands.  (Call our Law Office for which devices may be used legally)

For exceptions to this law and for information about court fines and penalties, which can include suspension of your driver’s license for 6 months , please call our Law Office for more details.


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