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Last Wednesday, a Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge declined to rule on the constitutionality of cash collection and courtroom practices which have been called money-hungry. State lawmakers, city employees, former judges, and countless defendants have been talking negatively about several judges for months, largely due to their approach to misdemeanor warrants. Critics say these judges prioritize cash payments above public safety and pressure the court marshals to take credit card payments instead of locking up offenders… even the violent ones. Related to this, Eric Siegler, a Las Vegas paralegal, accused a traffic commissioner of attempting to force him to pay down $450 in fines before his case could be heard by a judge. As well, courts have been accused of levying unconstitutional fines and extracting hefty fees from poorer defendants. What can be done? Advocates are still fighting to right this disturbing wrong. We’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, if you have a Traffic Ticket in Las Vegas, an unpaid Warrant, or other looming offense, call our Law Office today for a Free Consultation at (702) 382-2000. We’re here to...
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Have you seen our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating?

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Patrol Car Hits Man then Fines Him for Jaywalking

Patrol Car Hits Man then Fines Him for Jaywalking

It didn’t happen here in Vegas, yet, but a few states up & over in Washington, a police officer hit two people with his car who were crossing the street illegally (the “do not walk” sign was on). The officer will face no punishment AND the injured pair were each fined $112 and found at fault. The pair had been crossing the street in rainy weather at about 1 a.m. and did not see any cars approaching, according to Washington State Patrol spokesman Mark Francis. The man struck landed on the hood of the police car before rolling off. His leg and neck were injured. The woman was also struck and was bleeding from the head. The emergency lights were not activated on the police car during the incident. “Both of us were wrong. He should have seen us, and we shouldn’t have jaywalked,” Lauren Keenan, the injured woman, reported to The Bellingham Herald newspaper. “But we had to suffer pain, we had to suffer injuries, and we had to suffer loss of work.” Perhaps it is understandable that the officer did not receive punishment for this incident… but to fine & ticket the injured pair seems a bit much, doesn’t it? What Las Vegas Traffic Tickets do you have unpaid? A friendly reminder: all unpaid tickets can go into Warrant, and you can be arrested and put in jail at any time. Don’t live with the stress of unpaid tickets. Call the Las Vegas Ticket Attorney today at (702) 382=2000 for a free consultation. We offer “fix by phone”...

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