Drunk Driving

Sadly, every year approximately 16,000 people are killed in DUI related car crashes. That’s one person, every half hour of every day, for the entire year. If you’ve been drinking—at all—and you’re considering picking up the keys to drive yourself home, or to run to the store, or even just to drive to a friend’s house several blocks away, you must reconsider. The majority of DUIs occur in the driver’s own neighborhood and surrounding vicinity, so it’s important to remember that the minute you place the key into the ignition, no matter how close you are to your destination, you are putting yourself (and everyone else on the road) in harm’s way. Think twice. Ask a friend for a ride, or call a cab. Alcohol not only impairs your brain’s ability to react quickly, it also impairs your vision and depth perception. Each of these qualities is essential when driving, which is why the current Las Vegas DUI laws have been set in place. It’s also important to keep an eye out at house parties, bars, or night clubs, of your friends who may have had one too many drinks and are considering getting behind the wheel. The small inconvenience and annoyance you may feel when confronting a friend in a situation like this is far less disturbing than what your friend will need to deal with when he or she faces the aftermath of receiving a DUI conviction. If you believe a friend or loved one is impaired from alcohol or drugs, take the car keys from them, and help them to find a safer way home. Once...

Available Services Through the Las Vegas DMV

Anything pertaining to vehicles is accessible at the Las Vegas DMV. This is where drivers go to register a new vehicle. This is where one goes to test for their license. If residents have any questions, there is information available at the website, but callers are welcome. It is a good idea to grab the driver’s license booklet or review it online before visiting any DMV office. New residents have 30 days to get their license and 60 days to register any vehicles coming with them from another state. The current license is made invalid and a paper license is issued until the driver receives the permanent one by mail. The DMV will ask for VIN information on any cars or trucks that have been brought in, so have that available as well as registration from previous state. If a driver is not from the United States or comes from a US territory, the procedure is different. They must take the written and driving tests to become eligible for a license. Teen drivers must be age 16 to receive a license. Those testing their driving skills are allowed to make an appointment. In fact, it is recommended to make an appointment because it shortens the length of time one may wait if they drop in. However, no other driver transaction appointments may be made. Other transactions are handled at the counter or on the Las Vegas DMV website. Some employers require driver history printouts. These are obtainable in office and online. History of traffic violations and accidents from other states follows a driver, so a printout from the Las...

Reasons Why You Need to Visit the DMV

There many reasons why a person may need to go to a Las Vegas DMV location personally. Alot of people like to go online nowadays to save time but there are just some times where a personal visit is needed and we will go over a few reasons why. One of the first reasons a person may need to go to a Las Vegas DMV location is if they are a teenager and they want to get their first permit, stated identification card, or to get their first driver’s license. This is an exciting time for a teenager and a stressful time for parents but a necessary trip. At the DMV, a teenager can get the necessary manuals to read to take their tests and if they have the necessary documents, they can take their tests right there. Alternatively, this is also a reason why some adults come to the DMV. Some adults get their licenses later in life and have to go through these same steps. There is also a good percentage that just need their state identification cards renewed or updated. Another reason a visit to a Las Vegas DMV location is for a suspended license, suspended registration, or to get a vehicle registered. These are issues that cannot be handled online and need to be handled with in person. Since the DMV is on a first come, first serve basis, it is recommended to come early to try to avoid the long lines. There are some kiosks in the Las Vegas areas where a person can renew their registrations. One of the places to find a...

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