Available Services Through the Las Vegas DMV

Anything pertaining to vehicles is accessible at the Las Vegas DMV. This is where drivers go to register a new vehicle. This is where one goes to test for their license. If residents have any questions, there is information available at the website, but callers are welcome. It is a good idea to grab the driver’s license booklet or review it online before visiting any DMV office.

New residents have 30 days to get their license and 60 days to register any vehicles coming with them from another state. The current license is made invalid and a paper license is issued until the driver receives the permanent one by mail. The DMV will ask for VIN information on any cars or trucks that have been brought in, so have that available as well as registration from previous state.

If a driver is not from the United States or comes from a US territory, the procedure is different. They must take the written and driving tests to become eligible for a license. Teen drivers must be age 16 to receive a license. Those testing their driving skills are allowed to make an appointment. In fact, it is recommended to make an appointment because it shortens the length of time one may wait if they drop in. However, no other driver transaction appointments may be made. Other transactions are handled at the counter or on the Las Vegas DMV website.

Some employers require driver history printouts. These are obtainable in office and online. History of traffic violations and accidents from other states follows a driver, so a printout from the Las Vegas DMV will include prior driver information. Residents that are selling their vehicle must do so through the DMV. It is where the paperwork is submitted. A car buyer can also get new license plates. This includes personalized plates, as well as disabled driver plates. Those that are disabled require these plates or placard for permission to park in specially designated parking spots. Failure to have these plates while parking may result in a ticket and fines. All services do not require a visit to a full service location. This can save residents time and energy of they come prepared.

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