Las Vegas Law Enforcement is being accused of being “money hungry” when it comes to its approach to misdemeanor warrants.

Las Vegas Law Enforcement is being accused of being “money hungry” when it comes to its approach to misdemeanor warrants.

Critics claim that the collect-at-all-costs mentality places a high emphasis on traffic ticket revenue and is most likely to hurt minority defendants who fail to pay speeding tickets, while leaving more serious offenders roaming the streets. Former Las Vegas Marshal Richard Kilgore said the court rewards officers who bring in the most money and offers additional training and promotions to marshals who “negotiate court-ordered bail amounts with scofflaws in the field.” Those who do not, he said, find themselves out of luck. “Officers like myself would get denied training, get stuck in court more,” Kil­gore added. “That’s where I thought (marshals) were supposed to be. I’ve always thought that we’re not there to generate revenue, we’re there to enforce court orders and uphold the decorum of the court.” Another critic, Court Administrator Dana Hlavac, added, “I’m not going to force people to pay money they can’t pay just so we can keep running our business,” he added. Records obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal via Nevada’s public records law display that the Las Vegas Municipal Court collected nearly $130 million — 89 percent of its total revenue — from traffic violations over the past five years. The majority of that was taken in by speeding tickets or other moving violations.   Do you have a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket you would like reduced to no points, no school, no traffic school?  Call today for a Free Consultation at (702)...

Harley-Davidson Grand Opening Huge Store on Las Vegas Strip

Harley-Davidson Grand Opening Huge Store on Las Vegas Strip Just adjacent to the infamous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, the brand new Harley-Davidson store will kick off a grand opening celebration on Saturday November 1st at noon. Celebration highlights include a custom motorcycle raffle, appearances by professional dirt track riders, and live performances by magicians, blues musicians, and country singers. As well, there will be local food trucks on site. The event is free of charge. The store boasts 65,000 square feet of space containing Harley-Davidson rental services, a dealership, a retail shop, a service center, and a ‘riding academy.’ As well, there is a Harley-Davidson ‘Recharge Zone’ where locals and tourists and Harley enthusiasts alike can sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy free wi-fi service too. Additional features of the new super-store to note: Las Vegas Harley-Davidson owns and operates Red Rock Harley-Davidson and Zion Harley Davidson. More on the custom motorcycle raffle: Las Vegas Harley-Davidson will be raffling off a one-of-a-kind “Nevada themed” motorcycle (a 2014 FLHX Harley-Davidson Street Glide). Tickets are $150 a piece and available at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson. All proceeds will be donated to the Nevada 150 Foundation, Inc. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, or simply just a speed demon, and you have been pulled over and given a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket or other Traffic Violation, allow our friendly Law Office take care of the hassle for you. In most cases, we are able to fix your ticket so that you have no points on your licenses and no traffic school. Call us today at (702) 382-2000 for a free quote....

Tips For Fighting A Traffic Ticket

Everyone hates traffic tickets! If you’re a driver, they’re part of everyday life — especially at the end of the month or around the holidays when cops need to fill their quotas. Chances are that at some point your going to have to deal with an officer and a resulting traffic ticket. While we don’t appprove unsafe driving, we do believe that there are ways to make sure a mistake on the road doesn’t lead to financial hardship or time lost. Below are some tips on how to first and foremost avoid getting a traffic ticket and then what to do if you get one. If You Get Pulled Over… Be polite It may be a routine traffic stop to you, but the officer doesn’t know how dangerous the situation might be. So, when he pulls you over, keep in mind that he’s looking at it as a tense situation. If you’re rude, you’ll only make it worse and lessen your chances of getting out of the traffic ticket. Be polite; roll down your window and turn off your radio. If you smoke, put out the cigarette. All of these things are common courtesy and they all communicate something to the officer: You care enough to give him your undivided attention. Chatting on your cell phone or insisting that he hurry up is a guaranteed way to land yourself a ticket. Be Respectful and Don’t talk too much The more you talk, the more he can use against you in court. That doesn’t mean you have to be completely quiet. BE AWARE: Sometimes officers will let you think you’re...

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