Las Vegas DUI Checkpoints for Super Bowl Weekend

Las Vegas DUI Checkpoints for Super Bowl Weekend As with all major holidays in the Valley, Las Vegas police plan to do their best to deter drunk drivers from inflicting damage upon themselves and other motorists on the roadways. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest social partying events of the year; therefore, Las Vegas police have announced a necessary “Sobriety Checkpoint” on Super Bowl Sunday at the intersection of Blue Diamond Road and Decatur Boulevard. The checkpoint’s intention is the identify drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so that they may be removed from the road. The checkpoint will be operating from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m. according to the police. This initiative is being set in motion through the cooperation of Nevada Highway Patrol, Boulder City police, and deputies from Lincoln and Nye counties. It is part of a federally-funded campaign called the “Joined Forces Campaign” which was funded 1.5 million dollars in order to help reduce DUIs, speeding, and cell phone useage. Also to note: this may not be the only Sobriety Checkpoint in the Las Vegas Valley this upcoming weekend. Oftentimes, there are multiple checkpoints scattered across the Valley during any given holiday. If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI in Las Vegas, it is important to contact an experienced Law Office to begin helping you build a case in your defense. Unless you’re willing to accept maximum penalties, it is advisable to contact a Lawyer A.S.A.P. At the Law Office of Mark Coburn (Ticket Attorney), we offer a free consultation, so give us a call at...

Tips For Fighting A Traffic Ticket

Everyone hates traffic tickets! If you’re a driver, they’re part of everyday life — especially at the end of the month or around the holidays when cops need to fill their quotas. Chances are that at some point your going to have to deal with an officer and a resulting traffic ticket. While we don’t appprove unsafe driving, we do believe that there are ways to make sure a mistake on the road doesn’t lead to financial hardship or time lost. Below are some tips on how to first and foremost avoid getting a traffic ticket and then what to do if you get one. If You Get Pulled Over… Be polite It may be a routine traffic stop to you, but the officer doesn’t know how dangerous the situation might be. So, when he pulls you over, keep in mind that he’s looking at it as a tense situation. If you’re rude, you’ll only make it worse and lessen your chances of getting out of the traffic ticket. Be polite; roll down your window and turn off your radio. If you smoke, put out the cigarette. All of these things are common courtesy and they all communicate something to the officer: You care enough to give him your undivided attention. Chatting on your cell phone or insisting that he hurry up is a guaranteed way to land yourself a ticket. Be Respectful and Don’t talk too much The more you talk, the more he can use against you in court. That doesn’t mean you have to be completely quiet. BE AWARE: Sometimes officers will let you think you’re...

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