Drivers Ed In Las Vegas

When a teenage starts to get ready to begin driving, it is very important for them to take a drivers education class. Las Vegas Drivers Ed is required for any driver under the age of 18. School and college driver education programs are not licensed by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. There are three different types of certification that schools can receive, Minor Drivers Education, Behind the Wheel and General Classroom Instruction. The General Classroom Instruction classes do not meet the requirements for Minor Drivers Educations. Beginning drivers over the age of eighteen are not require to take a Drivers Education Class.When convicted of driving under the influence in the state of Nevada, the court may require a Las Vegas Drivers Ed DUI class as part of a plea bargain. Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles has certified DUI schools but they may not satisfy the requirement for a court ordered DUI class. It is important to check with the court before enrolling in a DUI school. The Department of Motor Vehicles can provide a list of DUI schools but they might qualify so it would be better to ask the court to provide a list of court approved classes.Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles offers Las Vegas Drivers Ed Traffic School classes. Traffic school can be a required class due to a plea bargain. Its is important to check with the court to make sure that the traffic school class qualifies as completion of court requirements. Traffic school classes can be taken if a person wants to lower the demerit points on their driving records. This can only be done once a year and will remove up to 3 points from a motor vehicle driving record.Demerit points vary depending on offense and once twelve demerit point has been accumulated within a twelve month period the offenders license will be suspended for six months. The offenses with the highest demerit points are reckless driving and careless driving. Reckless driving carries eight demerit points and Careless driving carries six demerit points. It is important for beginning drivers in Nevada to take a Las Vegas Drivers Ed class to gain knowledge and teaching on proper driving techniques that will prevent ever receiving any infractions.

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