New Traffic Signal Activated At Bridger and 1st Street, Las Vegas

New Traffic Signal Activated At Bridger and 1st Street, Las Vegas, So be Wary

As per Las Vegas Traffic News on the City of Las Vegas’ website, as of May 2nd 2014, there is a new traffic signal located on the corner of Bridger and 1st street.
This is a signal with a purpose: the signal was strategically placed at this particular downtown intersection as part of an ongoing process to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.
If you haven’t realized it yet, pedestrians and bicyclists don’t have it easy in Las Vegas. While states like Oregon and Washington, or countries like the Netherlands boast super-friendly bike lanes (and even bicycle parking garages!) Las Vegas lags behind in “going green” and in adhering to the needs of the many pedestrians and bicyclists in the Valley.
While the new signal isn’t meant to be a Speed Trap, police will issue tickets if you do not stop your car accordingly.
A special thanks to Las Vegas Electric for constructing this new Las Vegas Traffic Signal, with the intent to provide safer and more efficient passage for those on foot, bike, car, moped, or even llama.

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