New Bill = Increased Speeding Ticket Fines

You may know from experience: the surest way for a Las Vegas Metro Officer to get you to slow down is to hit you with a huge fine.

This is the current strategy here in the Valley, as a new bill is rapidly moving through the Nevada Legislature that would raise the fine on speeding tickets received in pedestrian zones.

Currently, driving up to 10 miles per hour over the posted limit at a regular Las Vegas intersection will cost you around $148. If the new bill passes, certain intersections would be deemed “pedestrian zones” and the speeding tickets would cost $200 or as much as $450, depending on your speed.

Fox 5 reported Erin Breen–coordinator of UNLV’s Traffice Safety Coalition– as having stated, “We’re having a terrible year. We’re up to 12 fatalities in Clark County already.”

The new law wold also make passing other vehicles in a school zone illegal.

While all this continues to run through the legislative pipelines, another bill is being sponsored that would increase fines for hit-and-run drivers.

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