Las Vegas District Attorney

The Las Vegas District Attorney is the person who prosecutes people charged with criminal offense against the state.  The current Las Vegas District Attorney of Clark County is David Roger.  If you are a victim of a crime or the person that commits a crime chances are you will be contacted by the Las Vegas District Attorney.

The current amount of people on staff for the Las Vegas DA is 571 employees.  There are several divisions depending on the nature and aspect of the crime. Four major units of the Las Vegas District Attorney are the Juvenile Division, Civil Division, Criminal Division, and  For victims there is the Family Legal Support team will help you overcome the circumstance.  If you are a criminal offender you are going to be contacted and dealing with the Criminal Prosecution Investigation Services Division, Juvenile Prosecution Division, and or the Civil Division.

The Criminal Division led by Assistant District Attorney Christopher Lalii, prosecutes bad check writers, warrant violators, and every criminal offense committed against the state. The Criminal division can also assist you in finding out warrant status, helping victims of criminal offenders, and assisting qualified victims to state aid. This division will also subpoena anyone who witnessed a crime being committed.

The Civil Division of the Las Vegas District Attorney office led by Mary-Anne Miller County Counsel, prosecutes for civil matters not limited to reimbursements of debts,  small claims, garnishments, and landlord tenant matters, domestic abuse matters as well.

The Juvenile Division of the Las Vegas District Attorney office led by Teresa Lowry Assistant District Attorney, handles matters regarding explaining the prosecution of juvenile delinquents, crimes against youth to victims and families of juvenile offenders. The services offered for people who are dealing with this division are very comprehensive.  Transportation to and from hearings and proceedings,  evidence being forfeited or being returned quickly after the proceedings, accompaniment and support for juvenile victims, and assistance understanding the juvenile prosecution and proceedings.

The Family Support Division of the Las Vegas Division office also led by Assistant District Attorney Teresa Lowry deals with child support issues, parental rights locate delinquent parents and paternity issues.

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