Accessing Las Vegas Court Records

Located in downtown Las Vegas, the Clark County court is the largest judicial court serving more than two million citizens with 43 district court judges. The Clark County courts host criminal, civil, probate and family cases. Each year the Clark County courts process more than 90,000 criminal and civil cases. All records of these cases are maintained at the Las Vegas Justice Court Clerk. In addition to civil and criminal records, the clerk schedules daily calendars for the courts. For convenience, attorneys, plaintiffs and defendants can access Las Vegas Court Records Online.

By order of the court, there is no Internet access to sealed records. Records are sealed to protect confidential information from the general public. Certain case types such as juvenile abuse, adoption and paternity cases are automatically sealed by statute. In addition, the court may order individual civil, temporary protective orders, domestic or guardianship cases to be sealed. For these circumstances, Las Vegas Court Records Online will not be available. Parties involved, including the plaintiff, defendant or counsel may access sealed cases by submitting a request to the Clerk of the Court.

Court records dating from 1990 to the present can be researched online. Records dating from 1909 to 1990 must be submitted in person or mail. Las Vegas Court Records Online include an index of pleadings filed, court dates for the past, present and future hearings, official court minutes, judgement records, compete name search, and parties involved in cases, including attorneys. Online records are not available for family related matters such as divorce filings.

Because of the limited availability of Las Vegas Court Records Online, court records may also be researched and reviewed in person as long as the proper requests and forms are completed prior to the document viewing. For in person viewing, the files may only be viewed in the Clerk’s office and no documents may be removed from the file. Food and drinks are not permitted near the records. If research is required, the Clerk will need a request form submitted and two business days to complete the research. Document files can be reproduced by the Clerk as well. All fees for research or reproduction must be paid in advance.


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