What Happens In Vegas Might Go Outside Vegas!

The City of Las Vegas has strict enforcement in regard to those who take too lightly the local laws.  Las Vegas parking violations can be included in this category.  As there are many tourists using rental vehicles used within the city, drivers must be cognizant that they will be held accountable for any parking violations incurred.  Their information will be made available to the traffic authorities upon request.  For those who have registration within the State of Nevada, any unpaid fines will be reported to the DMV and that registration cannot be renewed until the record is clear.  There will be a $10 fee for each time the registration is placed on hold.

For Las Vegas parking violations, it is most convenient to make payment of the assessed fine via the Internet and a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card.  In less than two minutes, the matter can be settled.  It is most important to note that any unpaid tickets after 30 days will be assessed the original price again.  An additional fee equal to the original violation will be added, if left unpaid, at 45 days past due date.  If there are questions that you may have regarding the validity of the violation, you can go to the Internet and print out an Arbitration Form.  This form merely requests that you appear before a Hearing officer and present your side of the situation.  For those who need special assistance, this form is also available in the Spanish language.

For those who have multiple violations and find it difficult to pay the total amount, it is possible to appear in person at City Hall, 400 Stewart St, 6th floor and submit your request for a payment plan.  Be prepared for a fee/application assessment fee which is non-refundable to get this installment plan.  Another fee that is to avoided is the Vehicle Immobilization (Booting) Program.  Once again for those who have 5 or more outstanding citations, it is possible to have this attached to your tires.  There is a $50 assessment attached in this process.

Las Vegas parking violations fall heavy on the owner of the vehicle.  These fines are ultimately the responsibility of the vehicle owner.  Reporting of crimes falls heavy on the shoulder of the owner as well.  Any loss of registration, plates or stickers should be reported immediately so that any violations will not be your responsibility.

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