Las Vegas Bench Warrants Explained

Las Vegas Bench Warrants Explained

As a long-running and respected Law Office in Southern Nevada, we at Ticket Attorney Law Office receive many questions regarding warrants, warrant quashing, and the specifics on individual warrant-related cases. Today we’d like to share with you a break-down of one of the most common types of warrants in Las Vegas: the bench warrant.

Similar to arrest warrants, a bench warrant in Las Vegas authorizes Nevada police to arrest and detain you on bail, at any time. The major differences between arrest warrants and bench warrants follow:

Arrest warrants must be formally requested by police, from judges. Bench warrants, on the other hand, are initiated by the judges themselves. As well, arrest warrants begin the start of a criminal case, while bench warrants typically pop up while a criminal case is already underway (i.e. when the judge finds you in “contempt of court.”

What is contempt of court? Examples follow…

  • missing a court date (such as an arraignment, a sentencing, or a status check)
  • forgetting or neglecting to pay a fine, attending counseling, or complete community service, and/or
  • neglecting to follow any other court order

A judge in Las Vegas may also decide to issue a Las Vegas bench warrant if you are not currently in custody but have been named in an indictment. Or, if you refuse to testify in a Nevada court, a judge may choose to order a bench warrant as well. Note: Nevada judges may not order bench warrants for you to appear personally in preliminary hearings as long as counsel/attorneys appear on your behalf and file a waiver for your personal appearance.

If you have further question regarding bench warrants, arrest warrants, warrant quashing, or other warrant-related needs in Southern Nevada, call the Ticket Attorney Law Office today at (702) 382-2000 for a free consultation. We are here to help clarify any confusion you may have and to keep your record clean and respectable.

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