Dealing with Offenses Through the Las Vegas Municipal Court

The Las Vegas Municipal Court is a division of the Las Vegas court system that handles cases involving traffic, misdemeanors and civil cases. Within this court defendants found guilty or those that plead guilty are afforded an opportunity to better their situations. This can be observed with the many court ordered programs available.

Misdemeanors handled in the Las Vegas Municipal Court may result in paying a fine, but often that is not enough. Jail is a possibility, but the court may order the guilty party to perform community service. This takes that misdemeanor and turns it into something that benefits society. It may be just picking up garbage alongside highways or teaching adults how to read. Unfortunately for some people, drug activity is part of everyday life. When it comes to dealing with drug offenses, sometimes those found guilty are sent to jail. In certain cases, rehabilitation and other drug and alcohol programs are necessary. These court ordered programs are an attempt to make the likelihood of returning to a drug filled life less likely. Classes are designed to show users how to avoid triggers and live a normal day to day life.

Many offenders avoid jail time by serving their time under house arrest. This is decided within the Las Vegas Municipal Court. With house arrest there is a waterproof device attached to offenders. They are allowed to walk so many feet outside of their set base. It is a punishment that restricts activity. It is not free and costs fall on the guilty party. To qualify, a judge has to make the recommendation and a working land line phone has to be installed where the base location is. Those found guilty of traffic violations may have the option of attending traffic school. Traffic school is a way to offset a violation or for some drivers it prevents them from losing their license. This can be important when one has a job that requires driving.

Being arrested is never pleasant. Finding legal assistance to help maneuver through the Las Vegas Municipal Court is a necessity. It can prevent defendants from serving jail time. Most people need help in dealing with their problems and jail is not necessarily always a valid solution.

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