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Did you know that you have a better chance of successfully beating a traffic ticket in Las Vegas Justice Court if you have legal representation?  Attorney Mark Coburn has a proven track record of success in beating tickets in traffic court, with over twenty-eight thousand cases resolved successfully.   Mark Coburn’s expertise in all areas of traffic law is your best defense against a speeding ticket, or even a non-moving violation. Coburn can help you resolve your traffic ticket without the bothersome bore of traffic school, and with no pesky points added to your license.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket and need to appear in Las Vegas Justice Court, don’t go unprepared!  Appearing in traffic court unprepared can mean added points to your license, which lead to higher insurance rates.  You can even risk license suspension if you appear in court without proper representation. Furthermore, if you are ignoring your traffic ticket, you are risking warrants and even jail time!  In any of these cases, you need the best representation possible to make sure you successfully resolve your case.

While some people choose to pay their tickets in Las Vegas Justice Court, they may not be aware that they are admitting guilt and risking points on their license.  Other people chose to represent themselves, a mistake that rarely benefits the defendant.  Representing yourself in court is a surefire way to walk blindly into an unknown situation. The law is complex, time-consuming, and can be favorable to the ticketing officer if you are not intimately familiar with court proceedings. To get the best outcome, you need to have the best and most experienced counsel.  No one is more experienced than Mark Coburn at creating excellent resolutions for traffic ticket problems.

In order to gain victory in Las Vegas Justice Court, you need excellent legal counsel.  The best counsel is provided by Las Vegas Ticket Attorney Mark Coburn.  With an enormous number of successful cases under his belt, Mark Coburn is the best representation you can have when faced with a traffic violation.  If you need help in traffic court, contact Mark Coburn today.

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