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No matter what your age or what the reason may be anytime you have to face a test at the DMV it gets stressful. Living in beautiful Las Vegas is no different. The test to obtain a driving permit in Las Vegas is a three part test and all three must be checked off as passing before you can be issued a license. You must pass a vision test correctable to 20/20. A written test which you must score no less than an 80% grade. And then there is the hands on skills test whereby you are graded on your actual driving skills. The DMV charges $25.00 for the initial test and $10.00 for each additional test you take until you make the passing score of 80%. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Las Vegas DMV Practice Test that you could take so you would be able to study the areas that you are deficient in?

Well, happy day! I am here to tell you that in addition to stopping in a DMV Branch and picking up a copy of the driver’s manual, now you are simply able to download the driver’s manual to your computer. There are several websites out there who will allow you to purchase their version of the Las Vegas DMV Practice Test for prices that range from $9.95 to $54.95. All they promise are practice questions…not that you will pass.

Once you move to the state of Nevada you legally have 30 days to get a new NV drivers permit. You must also have all of your proper documentation in order. This also applies when you change addresses or when you change your name.

Taking care of all these little tasks as well as studying can become stressful. But, has a staff of professionals who will assist you in anyway possible. They are a reputable firm with a staff that actually cares about your needs. They offer free consultations. You don’t have to wait in line, they do it for you. If you have fees to pay due to a suspension or a revocation they usually get them reduced to the minimum. They will help you anyway that they can. It is always a stress relief to know that someone is standing with you and that they “have your back”. They can also consult with you about driving school and the Las Vegas DMV Practice Test.

Attorney Mark Coburn and his staff had everything in order for me before I went to court and even assisted me at the DMV. They helped me with a Las Vegas DMV Practice Test and made sure when I took it I was confident enough to know I passed. Thanks to their team, I am back on the road, legally licensed and happy.

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