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Update: Facts for Potential Uber Drivers in Las Vegas

Uber is expected to be fully operational in Las Vegas by the end of the summer. But there are quite a few factors to consider before becoming an Uber Driver, including the expenses involved.

  1. Uber drivers must pay for their own gas.
  2. 20% of the collected fare goes to Uber as a commission
  3. an additional $1 per fare is collected by Uber as a “Safety Fee” which funds driver background checks
  4. Uber drivers are responsible for their own vehicle’s insurance, maintenance, and additional tax costs

All those things considered, it is also important to note that many Uber drivers touch upon the fact that they are not tipped as often (if at all) in comparison to traditional taxi drivers.

And, perhaps most importantly: what about the safety of the Uber drivers themselves? Many traditional cab companies have camera installed in the cars for the safety of the cab drivers. This extra precaution does not exist for Uber.


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