Helpful Information on the City of Las Vegas DUI Programs

Helpful Information on the City of Las Vegas DUI Programs

Sadly, DUIs happen. Until this societal problem is zapped from the roots up, there will continue to be individuals going through the process of cleaning up their lives after receiving a DUI.  Learn more about DUI Programs by calling Attorney Mark Coburn Top Rated DUI Attorney. DUI information found on the internet, regarding DUI classes, can be misleading or confusing, so we have put together some of the basic information here for you. If you have received a DUI offense in Las Vegas and you have any questions or would like further clarification about what the best option is for you to take, call the Law Office of Mark Coburn at (702) 382-2000. Mark Coburn, DUI Attorney, is a trusted, reputable Las Vegas DUI Lawyer who will guide you through this stressful process while keeping your record as clean as possible, your pocket book as full as possible, and your freedom as FREE as possible! On to some information… The City of Las Vegas offers DUI Educational classes in both English and Spanish. As per the City’s website, these classes 1) teach DUI offenders to be held accountable for their actions, 2) provide offenders with an understanding of Nevada DUI laws, and 3) provide offenders with information and statistics about the effects of substances on an individual’s ability to drive. If convicted with a DUI and assigned to take a DUI class, you have the option of taking 4 DUI Classes (2 hours per class) in person, in a classroom, or, you may take 2 DUI Accelerated Classes (4 hours per class) in person, in a classroom. There is...

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