Former Stripper Sent to Las Vegas Jail for DUI

Former Stripper Sent to Las Vegas Jail for DUI Shauna Miller, age 28—a former stripper here in the Las Vegas Valley, was just sentenced to between five and fifteen years in prison due to a Las Vegas DUI Accident in 2013, which resulting in killing a man and injuring his young son. Shauna pleaded guilty this summer, and more recently begged the victim’s family for forgiveness in court. “I’m really sorry for your loss,” Miller said in court to the family, “I never wanted to hurt you guys, and I’m very, very sorry. Not only did I take a family apart, I know that a father is not involved in his son’s life anymore, and that kills me every day.” The victim’s mother, Laverna Prugh, refused to show Shauna any mercy. “You want forgiveness?” she asked. “Not in this lifetime, Shauna Miller. Not ever.” Ms. Miller had been held in jail for the last 18 months, awaiting the trail for her DUI Accident in Las Vegas. She initially told investigators that she consumed Xanax and two beers while at work in the Las Vegas Strip Club, Spearmint Rhino. Police tested Miller’s intoxication limits and, according to the breath-test, found her under the legal limit for alcohol, though she did fail her field sobriety test, according to Las Vegas Metro. Not long after, the results of Miller’s blood test came through and showed that her BAC was over twice the legal limit. As well, Miller was found to have marijuana in her system. The devastating accident itself had occurred when Shauna blew a red light while driving a borrowed Hummer....

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