Jaywalking in Las Vegas

Pedestrians continue to be killed on Las Vegas roadways as careless drivers fail to slow down or stop when un-shielded men and women are crossing the street and “in their way.” In 2014 alone, The Associated Press reported that 284 people lost their lives on Nevada roads, which is higher than the previous year, but not as dramatic as the horrid high of 423 driving-related deaths in Nevada in 2006. Officials attempt to remedy this morbid problem with a heavier police presence to ticket the drivers– but many individuals also see the pedestrians as at fault, due to the fact that in many circumstances they are jaywalking or distracted (on their cell phones talking or texting, listening to music, walking while intoxicated, etc.) A jaywalking ticket can range upwards of $200 here in Las Vegas– and many officials believe that issuing tickets to both the pedestrians and the drivers may be a way to help remedy this problem faster. Whatever becomes of the situation– do be careful when driving (or walking!) on a Las Vegas roadway. And if you or someone you know has been issued a Ticket in Las Vegas for jaywalking, or any other Traffic-related incident, contact our office to avoid further stress in this matter. In most cases, we can have your ticket reduced to No Points, No School, and No Waiting in Line at Court. Give us a call at (702) 382-2000...

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