New Downtown Alcohol Ordinances, Fremont Street Experience

You’ve seen it once. You’ve seen it a thousand times. Drunken shenanigans on Freemont Street. Whether it be tourists from Kansas City in town for a bachelor party, local Zappos techies celebrating the weekend, or spandex-wearing eccentric wanders talking to themselves with margaritas in hand, Downtown Las Vegas takes all kinds. The problem, as observed by the Las Vegas City Council, is the escalation of aggressive behaviors occurring on the Fremont Street Experience due to the abundance of cheap booze coupled with obnoxious souvenir hustlers, photograph takers, and other vendors and performers looking to make a quick buck off the wobbling drunkards. As reported by the LVRJ, Derek Stevens, CEO of the D Las Vegas and the Golden Gate, told the council, “I don’t want to belabor what we’re seeing on TripAdvisor.” Stevens was referring to a barrage of comments left on the popular travel site/blog by individuals who said they’d never return to downtown Las Vegas because it was so disgustingly sleazy. Also reported by the LVRJ, Boyd Gaming lobbyist Russell Rowe, commented on the low return rate of Hawaiian visitors to Las Vegas. “The bottom line is our Hawaiian guests are not flying back and if they do, they’re not staying downtown,” Rowe said. The council discussed an alcohol ordinance which included some of the following, as they relate to downtown Las Vegas, specifically, Freemont Street: ■ No single servings of alcoholic candy, jello shots or other products not considered beverages can be sold. ■ No containers of malt liquor and beer larger than 32 ounces can be sold. ■ No beer higher than 11 percent alcohol can be sold....

Dangerous Domestic Violence Altercations

Dangerous Domestic Violence Altercations An unfortunate trend is hitting the Valley. Police are labeling this trend: “dangerous domestic violence altercations”, and the problem has grabbed the attention of the Las Vegas population. One such offender, Troy White, turned himself in to Metro after being named suspect in his wife’s death earlier that afternoon. He is being held in custody and questioned by authorities. His wife was shot in the chest near her home near Alta and Buffalo… while her five children listened on– in the house at the time of the shooting. In another morbid case, detectives named Alburto Gutierez as a suspect in the brutal stabbing death of his wife. Once again, the children were just several feet away from the murder as it took place in the couple’s Las Vegas home. There is also Mario Alejandro Lopez, currently jailed for stabbing his ex-wife and their son. The son has since recovered, however, his ex-wife is still in critical condition at University Medical Center. Each of these cases occurred in the past month, and each is accompanied by another disturbing trend. The Shade Tree Shelter has been busier than ever as victims of domestic abuse continue to line up at the door. Just in the past three months, there have been 1,500 new clients– mostly women and children seeking refuge from terribly abusive relationships at home. The Executive Director of the Shade Tree Shelter, Marlene Richter, states that, “Nevada is number one in homicide rates for spouses killing their wives.  It’s up to us to turn that statistics upside down.  Children and families are at stake.  Everyone needs...

Flavor Flav Arrested in Las Vegas Domestic Violence Case

Flavor Flav Arrested in Las Vegas Domestic Violence Case Entertainer Flavor Flav (whose legal name is William Drayton Jr.) threw his fiancee to the floor twice and grabbed before grabbing several knives and chasing while threatening to kill her 17-year-old son. These incidents took place in the couple’s home in Las Vegas, according to Metro Police. Luckily, the former rapper, hip-hop star, and reality TV personality did not succeed in stabbing his fiancee’s son. However, Flavor Flav did succeed in cutting his own finger with one of the knives before police arrived and arrested him at 3:30 a.m., according to the Metro police report. William Drayton, 53, faces a Las Vegas felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor count of Las Vegas battery-domestic violence. He could face up to six years in prison on the assault charge if convicted. His girlfriend of eight years, Elizabeth Trujillo, told police her earring was ripped out during the fight, which she said stemmed from an argument over infidelity. Trujillo told police that her son intervened after Drayton grabbed her and threw her to the ground; then the teen wrestled with Drayton before Drayton grabbed two large knives and chased him through the living room, according to the police report. He has also been arrested in the past for traffic tickets in Las Vegas. The teen told police he ran to his sister’s upstairs bedroom, where he said Drayton kicked in the door and threatened him while holding both knives. Drayton/Flavor Flav has a criminal history that includes arrests and convictions on traffic infractions, a month in jail for...

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