Traffic Stops & Racial Profiling

According to (NRS 289.820) “Racial profiling” means reliance by an officer upon the race, ethnicity or national origin of a person as a factor in initiating action when the race, ethnicity or national origin of the person is not part of an identifying description of a specific suspect for a specific crime.

Basically, Nevada law requires you pull over when signaled to do so by a police officer. You are recommended to follow all legal instructions received from the officer.

-To assist the officer in determining that you are not a wanted fugitive, keep your hands in sight at all times. (i.e. Upon initial contact, keep your hands on the steering wheel unless instructed by the officer to do otherwise.)

-If/when the officer asks to see paperwork, let the officer know what you are intending to do. For example, “I’m going to get my registration in my glove box.” If for some reason there is a firearm in the vehicle, LET THE OFFICER KNOW IMMEDIATELY.

-If you are stopped at night, turn on the vehicle’s dome light.

-Stay in the car unless directed by the officer to exit the car.

If you followed these guidelines but feel you were a victim of racial profiling during a routine stop, you have the right to report your concerns to the law enforcement agency in which the officer works. We wish you the best.


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