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Crackdown on DUIs in Henderson

 Even as the Holiday season slowly fades into memory, DUI checkpoints continue to pop up all across town. This is due to the large amount of fatal accidents that occur here in the valley, all year round. Even though DUI checkpoints like the one on Blue Diamond road have been keeping motorists alert and are helping to stop irresponsible drivers from harming innocent people, unfortunately, there was still an enormous spike in DUI incidents over the past year in Southern Nevada. In Henderson alone, hundreds of people were injured or killed last year while driving under the influence. Over major holiday weekends, such as Labor Day or New Years, the Henderson police Department sets up key DUI checkpoints, like the one on Blue Diamond road, or a similar check point at St. Rose Parkway and Eastern Avenue, where thousands of drivers are stopped. Police are able to take into custody anyone who is breaking Nevada’s DUI laws at that time. If you were recently arrested for a dui in las vegas,  whether it was for drinking, illegal drug use, or the use of prescription pills, the Law Office of Mark Coburn is here to help you stay out of jail, avoid the maximum penalties, and keep the cleanest record possible. Mark Coburn is one of the leading Criminal Defense Lawyers in las vegas, with over 16 years of legal experience and a respected reputation. Call (702) 382-2000 today for a free consultation....

Rougue DUI Writing in Chicago

A couple years ago, Chicago Law Enforcement Officer, Richard Fiorito, was accused of falsely writing a number of DUI citations for lesbian and gay motorists that he pulled over. At that time, 40 lawsuits were filed against the Chicago police force. Even though there were a significant number of witnesses testifying to the discrimination involved, it was announced that civil rights violations charges would not be pursued against Officer Fiorito. Many of the gay and lesbian people accused of driving while intoxicated immediately protested the decision and moved forward with individual lawsuits. The Fiorito case illustrates the importance of never accepting a plea deal from District Attorneys… and this applies for Las Vegas Dui as well. If you are facing unfair DUI charges, or you require a dui attorney in las vegas, contact the law office of Mark Coburn at (702) 382-2000 today for a free consultation. Back in Chicago, just this week, city officials announced that the last of the remaining cases resulting from the Fiortio DUI ordeal had been settled. Over 130 people arrested for DUIs by Fiorit had their charges dismissed by the Chicago traffic authorities. While Officer Fiorito retired this year, the latest two cases settled by Chicago authorities have resulted in each of the motorists receiving payments of $100,000. Attorneys for both plaintiffs received a combined payout of $250,000.While this tragic case happened in Chicago, it could just have easily happened in Southern Nevada. If you have received a Las Vegas DUI citation, Mark Coburn a Las Vegas Ticket Attorney can represent you, work to get your charges reduced, keep you out of jail,...

Independent Vendors on Strip Targeted

As you may or may not have noticed, an uprising of water-sellers, t-shirt pan handlers, CD hustlers and other self-described “broke” folk have been doing their best to make a fast buck on the Las Vegas Strip. With the economy in its current state, can you really blame them? Unfortunately, as city zoning would have it, selling anything on the Las Vegas Strip is strictly illegal (unless you are a casino, of course)… and if you are caught in the act by Metro (who are now trolling the strip undercover), you could be fined, jailed, or face other severe penalties. Sadly, many of the individuals recently cited and arrested for selling water and other such goods on the strip were unaware that their activities were illegal. They had seen the hoards of men handing out free porn materials, and assumed that selling good and health bottled water would not turn any heads. Well, this is Vegas. A free picture of a naked woman with her legs spread is more acceptable than paying for a small gulp of the vital life-force liquid itself. Dramatically stated, but true. Dozens of people have been recently ticketed due to the new county ordinance aimed at clearing the strip of independent vendors. The new law took effect last month, and according to county business license agents, “It enhanced our ability to conduct enforcement.” The county agents also said that their office has increased plain-clothed business license agents are patrolling the Strip until 1 a.m. each day. So, in effect, both business agents AND Metro are on the look-out of vendors. Beware. Also outlawed on...

Pedestrian Hit and Killed Last Wednesday

A 50-year-old pedestrian died last Wednesday after being struck by a driver facing DUI charges. Las Vegas police arrested 41-year-old Roland Biscailuz, being charged with the fatality. He was booked at the Clark County Detention Center Thursday on recommended charges of hit and run causing injury or death and a DUI for alcohol. The incident occurred about 8:20 p.m. near Flamingo Road and Jones Boulevard. Las Vegas police said Biscailuz was driving a 1997 Infiniti Q45 west on Flamingo when he hit the pedestrian, who was walking outside of a marked crosswalk. Police reported that the victim, Bergstraesser, struck the hood of the Infiniti, was thrown over the roof and landed on the road.He was pronounced dead at University Medical Center. Police said Biscailuz drove away from the scene, then later returned and was arrested. Wednesday’s death was the 89th traffic fatality under the jurisdiction of Las Vegas police this year. If you or someone you know is currently being charged with  Las Vegas Hit and Run  or a Las Vegas DUI , contact the Law Office of Mark Coburn today for a free consultation (702) 382-2000.   With over 15 years of legal experience, we are Southern Nevada’s most trusted, premier Law office. We can help you with your Las Vegas traffic ticket, las vegas warrants, las vegas dui attorney, Please call us at...

Las Vegas Cop Guilty Of Coercing Women Breasts

Las Vegas Cop Guilty of coercing women into showing their Breasts John Norman resigned from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department earlier this month after being charged with “oppression under the color of office” and “open or gross lewdness.” Former Las Vegas officer John Norman stopped females drivers while on duty and pressured them into exposing their breasts to him. He was also accused of fondling a woman after pulling her over for not having a license plate. The woman reported that Norman told her to pull into the back of a church parking lot so he could conduct some “tests”. The report said the woman told Norman she had a prior arrest for a Las Vegas DUIand that during the arrest marijuana was found. At that point, Norman asked to “physically search” her. After the woman contested, Norman told her he needed to search her bra, and he asked her to lift up her shirt and her bra. The woman obeyed, and according to the report, Norman then groped her and told her he was not going to cite her because of her cooperation. He let the woman go without performing a field sobriety test. Another similar incident occurred when Norman blocked a woman’s vehicle as it entered an apartment complex near Flamingo and Paradise. He told the driver he didn’t have a reason to stop her other than the fact that they were in a high-crime area. One of the women in the vehicle admitted that she had a Las Vegas Warrant for a Las Vegas Traffic Tickets, and Norman told her he was going to arrest...

DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoints It is reported that over this past Memorial Day weekend, 58 people were arrested for driving under the influence. This is in part due to the five DUI checkpoints established at key locations across the city, as well as the overall increased presence of Las Vegas Metro Police. The good news: because these intoxicated individuals were pulled over and arrested before they carelessly caused an accident, there were zero fatalities over the Memorial Day Holiday due to DUIs. Metro police stated that their DUI enforcement mission was the largest in the United States. At the five DUI checkpoints, over 15,000 vehicles were stopped and checked for intoxicated drivers! Metro also increased patrols in areas that have shown a significant amount of DUI offenses and other accidents in the past. In addition to the people arrested for DUIs, dozens Las Vegas Traffic Tickets were also issued based on other charges. If you received a Las Vegas DUI over Memorial Day weekend, do NOT accept any offer from the District Attorney before speaking to a qualified Las Vegas DUI Attorney. Call the Law Office of Mark Coburn today at (702) 382-2000 for a free consultation to review your case and discuss the best possible outcome for...

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