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Have you seen our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating?

Have you seen our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating?

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Las Vegas Law Enforcement is being accused of being “money hungry” when it comes to its approach to misdemeanor warrants.

Las Vegas Law Enforcement is being accused of being “money hungry” when it comes to its approach to misdemeanor warrants.

Critics claim that the collect-at-all-costs mentality places a high emphasis on traffic ticket revenue and is most likely to hurt minority defendants who fail to pay speeding tickets, while leaving more serious offenders roaming the streets. Former Las Vegas Marshal Richard Kilgore said the court rewards officers who bring in the most money and offers additional training and promotions to marshals who “negotiate court-ordered bail amounts with scofflaws in the field.” Those who do not, he said, find themselves out of luck. “Officers like myself would get denied training, get stuck in court more,” Kil­gore added. “That’s where I thought (marshals) were supposed to be. I’ve always thought that we’re not there to generate revenue, we’re there to enforce court orders and uphold the decorum of the court.” Another critic, Court Administrator Dana Hlavac, added, “I’m not going to force people to pay money they can’t pay just so we can keep running our business,” he added. Records obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal via Nevada’s public records law display that the Las Vegas Municipal Court collected nearly $130 million — 89 percent of its total revenue — from traffic violations over the past five years. The majority of that was taken in by speeding tickets or other moving violations.   Do you have a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket you would like reduced to no points, no school, no traffic school?  Call today for a Free Consultation at (702)...

Moving Violations on your Record lead to Suspended Driver’s License

Moving Violations on your Record lead to Suspended Driver’s License Don’t toss your Las Vegas Speeding Ticket into a drawer and forget about it. If a moving violation remains on your record unattended for 12 months, your driver’s license may be suspended which could lead to heftier fines and a warrant for your arrest. To ensure your record is clean and your freedom remains intact, be sure to take care of your Las Vegas Traffic Tickets immediately after you receive them. Call our Law Office today at 702-382-2000 for fast and affordable help. Don’t want to wait in long lines at court? Don’t want to go to traffic school? Don’t want any points on your record? We can help! Call 702-382-2000. In most cases, your Las Vegas Speeding Ticket will be reduced to no points, no school, and no stress! We offer a free consultation to discuss your case, and of course, everything you share with the members of our trusted Law Office remains 100%...

Henderson Police make multiple DUI arrests

Henderson Police make multiple DUI arrests This past month, during a two week period ending on September 7th, Henderson police arrested eight drivers on DUI Charges; as well, they issued over 80 speeding tickets, 15 citations for texting while driving, and numerous other tickets including those issued to drivers with no insurance, expired registration, and suspended or expired licenses. This influx in tickets was largely due to a recent enforcement effort targeting drunk drivers in the Las Vegas area. You may have already heard the stats, but that does not make them any less shocking; last year alone, almost 300 people were killed in motor vehicles in Nevada alone. Alcohol was a contributing factor in a large portion of those deaths, according to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety. In 2014, so far, almost 200 people have been killed in motor vehicle accidents. These numbers are disheartening. DUI Charges in Las Vegas are not to taken lightly. If you have been charged with such a case, we strongly suggest you consider hiring a qualified DUI Attorney to assist you with your DUI Case. Attorney Mark Coburn has the knowledge, and experience to ensure that you receive the highest possible legal representation. Call us today at (702) 382-2000 for a Free Consultation.  ...
Speeding: One of the Leading Causes of Traffic Crashes

Speeding: One of the Leading Causes of Traffic Crashes

Las Vegas has had it’s fair share of traffic crashes, but as of late speeding is one of the leading causes! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) continues to publish disturbing findings regarding speeding in Las Vegas and traffic accidents. According to NHSTA statistics from a 2009 report, “39 percent of 15 to 20-year old and 37 percent of 21 to 24-year old male drivers involved in fatal crashes were speeding.” Not only does this prove a correlation between speeding and traffic-related fatalities, but it also says quite a bit about the mentality of younger (mostly male) drivers. The NHTSA also reported, in 2009, that there were 10,591 speeding-related crashes over the course of the previous year. Preparedness of our young drivers aside, the economic cost of speeding-related accidents to our society is estimated by the NHTSA to be $40.4 billion per year. And remember, that’s not taking into account personal losses, or, even worse, the loss of human life… which bears no price tag. Speeding in Las Vegas is not something to be taken lightly, no matter what your age/sex demographic. And when you add alcohol into the mix, the situation worsens. In the same 2009 report, it was shown that 43% of fatal speeding-related crashes had drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. These NHSTA statistics are grave and show that we still do not have a handle on keeping reckless drivers off the road. While a true “accident” can happen to anyone, there is no excuse for excessive speeding or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you...
The Skinny on Las Vegas Traffic Tickets

The Skinny on Las Vegas Traffic Tickets

All Las Vegas Traffic Tickets are not created equal. As a rule of thumb, there are two types of traffic fines: major fines and minor fines. Minor Traffic Fines (or minor violations) include what is referred to as “non-moving violations” such as parking offenses as well as some non-severe moving violations such as speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign. If you have received a minor violation, you will be given a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket and have the option of 1) paying the indicated fine, 2) contesting the fine in court on your own, or 3) hiring a Traffic Attorney to reduce the ticket for you. If you decide to go with option one and pay the indicated fine, you will have officially pled “guilty” to the charge, and the violation will be added to your driving record. One of the consequences of choosing this option is that there will now be points on your license. Each specific violation is given a particular amount of points, and once you reach a certain number of points, you lose driving privileges. If you decide to go with option two and contest the charge in court, you will likely end up giving up half a day of work waiting in a Clark County court room before you may speak with a judge. (See the instructions provided on your Las Vegas Traffic Ticket for further instructions.) Just because you contest the ticket in court does NOT ensure your fine will be reduced or alleviated. Remember: if your driving record is less than perfect, a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket will not...

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