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How Your Driving Actions May Place You in Las Vegas Municipal Traffic Court

Many people do not take traffic court seriously.  They only view it as a minor offense.  After all, you only got a speeding ticket or non-moving violation, right?  If you live in Las Vegas or visit for relaxation, your driving actions while therecan place you in the Las Vegas Municipal Traffic Court.  No one wants to be in court.  It doesn’t make a difference as to the the type of charge.  The top three reasons people will end up in the Las Vegas Municipal Traffic Court are accidents, speeding tickets, and DUIs. If you are in Las Vegas you might attend one of the numerous casinos there to try your hand at gambling.  One of the many benefits of playing at these casinos are the free alcoholic beverages that are provided to patrons while playing.  This provides a benefit to them.  You lose your inhibitions and continue to spend money.  While there is a possibility you could win, the probability is greater that you will not.  If after drinking any alcohol you get behind the wheel of a car you take a great risk to yourself and others.  Because of the knowledge that many gamblers consume drinks the police will take extra precautions with drivers.  You could be stopped for a DUI and end up in Las Vegas Municipal Traffic Court. Another reason that you could end up in the Las Vegas Municipal Traffic Court is for an accident.  It doesn’t matter if you were the person at fault or not.  Many accidents in Las Vegas are the result of someone speeding or driving under the influence.  As the victim...

Because Practice Makes Perfect

No matter what your age or what the reason may be anytime you have to face a test at the DMV it gets stressful. Living in beautiful Las Vegas is no different. The test to obtain a driving permit in Las Vegas is a three part test and all three must be checked off as passing before you can be issued a license. You must pass a vision test correctable to 20/20. A written test which you must score no less than an 80% grade. And then there is the hands on skills test whereby you are graded on your actual driving skills. The DMV charges $25.00 for the initial test and $10.00 for each additional test you take until you make the passing score of 80%. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Las Vegas DMV Practice Test that you could take so you would be able to study the areas that you are deficient in? Well, happy day! I am here to tell you that in addition to stopping in a DMV Branch and picking up a copy of the driver’s manual, now you are simply able to download the driver’s manual to your computer. There are several websites out there who will allow you to purchase their version of the Las Vegas DMV Practice Test for prices that range from $9.95 to $54.95. All they promise are practice questions…not that you will pass. Once you move to the state of Nevada you legally have 30 days to get a new NV drivers permit. You must also have all of your proper documentation in order. This also applies when...

Passing the Las Vegas DMV Permit Test

In order to pass the Las Vegas DMV Permit Test, you must have adequate knowledge of vehicle laws, and pass a skills driving test. A non-commercial driving test asks 50 multiple choice questions, which 40 must be answered correctly to receive a passing score. This test is offered in both English and Spanish. After the written test is passed, a skill driving test will have to be performed with a driving examiner. A vision test will be administered before a license is given. To pass the vision test, a minimum of 20/40 vision will be needed driving license. If the minimum vision cannot be met then stipulations can be placed on a license. In order to be prepared for the Las Vegas DMV Permit Test you can obtain a study handbook at the DMV office or online. There are also driver education classes that cover the information that will be on the Las Vegas DMV Permit Test. Preparing for the Las Vegas DMV Permit Test is not something that should be taken lightly. The initial testing fee will be $25 and $10 for each retest needed. These fees can be paid by cash, check, money order, debit card or major credit cards. Once all tests are passed an identification card will need to be paid for which costs $6 – $12. At age 15 1/2 teens can obtain a learners permit. In order to obtain this, drivers must pass the vision and written test. Teens will need to have a parent/guardian sign a financial responsibility section that is on the application. The learners permit will cost $22. If your license has been suspended, change of address, name...

The Las Vegas Department of Motor Vehicles

Did you know that the Las Vegas DMV is now online. To defray the costs of running and operating The Las Vegas Department of Motor Vehicles Nevada is now available online for those who cannot make it into the building before closing time. No more taking a number and waiting in line.  No need to burn your gas you can go online at your convenience. No need to make a trip to the DMV and have to make a repeat trip because you forgot something or even worry about customer service your time is valuable. The Las Vegas DMV online can be accessed anytime 24/7 on Mondays, Tuesdays thru Friday 2am to midnight, Saturday 2am to 8pm, and Sundays and holidays 12am to 9pm. The site can be accessed in a variety of languages from Portugal, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. You can go to to get information such as fees information and other information for what you might need to renew, apply, insurance policies, drivers licenses, and etc.   Keep in mind there are some reasons you will still have to go in to the branch to get some things taken care of like changes of addresses have to be completed in person. There are some locations that are still open for you to physically go to.  Hours of operation vary between branch locations. There are a variety of online services to faster assist you.  These services include:  Registration Renewal, Registration Estimates, Insurance Policy Updates, Insurance Suspension Reinstatement, Id Renewal, Drivers License Renewal and Business License verifications just to name a few services. However...

Las Vegas Online Traffic School

The Las Vegas Online Traffic School course is designed for people who have been ordered by a judge and authorized by the traffic court division to take a driving course.  People who have been ordered to take the online course include people who have been cited for committing a traffic offense and may be trying to avoid points on their license and driving record, repeat offenders who have points but may be in the process of having their driving privileges suspended until they complete the driving course. The online course for first time offenders and students is five hours long.  You must have received a ticket and ordered by a Traffic Division Clerk to take the course.  For $39 new students can avoid points being placed on their driving record by completing this course.  In order to complete enrollment you must have your ticket number, state information, and drivers license number. Five hours may seem like a long time There is the option of a one hour course for $50, however a judge must order this one hour course.  A login id, traffic number, state information, and drivers license number is needed to access the course. Now for people who already have a not so perfect driving record you can diminish points on your record.   There is a  five hour online course designated specifically for people with points on their driving record.  In order to take this course you must have received a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles to take the course, have your drivers license number and state information. There are no refunds for the...

Drivers Ed In Las Vegas

When a teenage starts to get ready to begin driving, it is very important for them to take a drivers education class. Las Vegas Drivers Ed is required for any driver under the age of 18. School and college driver education programs are not licensed by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. There are three different types of certification that schools can receive, Minor Drivers Education, Behind the Wheel and General Classroom Instruction. The General Classroom Instruction classes do not meet the requirements for Minor Drivers Educations. Beginning drivers over the age of eighteen are not require to take a Drivers Education Class.When convicted of driving under the influence in the state of Nevada, the court may require a Las Vegas Drivers Ed DUI class as part of a plea bargain. Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles has certified DUI schools but they may not satisfy the requirement for a court ordered DUI class. It is important to check with the court before enrolling in a DUI school. The Department of Motor Vehicles can provide a list of DUI schools but they might qualify so it would be better to ask the court to provide a list of court approved classes.Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles offers Las Vegas Drivers Ed Traffic School classes. Traffic school can be a required class due to a plea bargain. Its is important to check with the court to make sure that the traffic school class qualifies as completion of court requirements. Traffic school classes can be taken if a person wants to lower the demerit points on their driving records. This can only be...

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